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The Breakfast of Champions ~

Cadbury Eggs

I had a few (~7) Cadbury Eggs & two Dove dark chocolates — Seriously, why must my mom have so many sweet treats around the house??  This is not a great way to start my Saturday –> But they sure tasted pretty great!!!

Ben ate a big bowl of ice cream last night, too.  We do not keep any sweets in our house, so when we come home to visit, we both seem to gravitate toward all the sweet treats – especially me; even for breakfast.

I am not going to let it ruin my day!  I almost did, but then I decided I am not going to beat myself up over a few pieces of chocolate.  I gave up “the notion of blowing it” and I am sticking with that.

After my chocolate splurge, I decided to accomplish one of the easy tasks on my list for today.  I ordered this for the beach ~

Cover Up

This VS cover-up is for our upcoming SB2013 trip (!!!!!)  The cover-up and chocolate do not mix well. The cover-up is on the way, SB2013 is around the corner, and it’s time for the chocolate to go. 

It was a tasty breakfast treat, but I am done now. 

Last week I said I was motivated, but that changed by the time the school day ended on Tuesday.  I need to find my motivation back – I just had it two weeks ago and now it is gone again…

Here is to a great weekend with my family & hoping I can find my workout motivation back (!!!) Enjoy your weekend!!

& Remember ~

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Love, ~Ann