Workout Log
Saturday 1/12 ~
Asylum Back to Core (45m)
Sunday 1/13 ~
Asylum Speed & Agility (45m)
Monday 1/14 ~
P90X Chest & Back (30m)
P90X Ab Ripper (15m)
Wednesday 1/16 ~
Asylum Strength (50m)
Saturday 1/19 ~
Asylum Game Day (25m)
P90X Ab Ripper

Sunday 1/20 ~
Turbo Kickin Core (15m)
Asylum Speed & Agility (30m)
Monday 1/21 ~
Asylum Back to Core (45m)
BBL Bum Bum (15m)
P90X Chest & Back (15m)
Tuesday 1/22 ~
P90X Shoulders Bi Tri (50m)
Thursday 1/24 ~
P90X Chest Bi Tri (50m)
Saturday 1/26 ~
BodyPump (60m)

Wednesday 1 / 30 ~
Asylum Speed & Agility (30m)
Turbo Kickin’ Core (20m)

I am not liking the looks of my workout log for this week.  I do not have a very good excuse for fitting in only one workout since BodyPump last Saturday.  I did fit in a teensy workout yesterday, but I was not feeling very motivated.  Yesterday I was supposed to have a doctor appointment, so I took the day off school and prepared for a sub — which, for those of you who are not teachers, is way more work than just being there myself.  It turns out the appointment had to be rescheduled, but I was not informed of this until after showering and getting ready to head to the doctor. 

I tried to remain positive – I knew that somewhere there was a lady having an unexpected c-section and needed her doctor to be there.  However, as a teacher, having to cancel and reschedule a doctor appointment is not the most convenient task.  Plus, even more than that, I was just really looking forward to this appointment because I am anxious to learn some important information.  I had a lot of questions…

I was pretty bummed and mope-y for the entire day.  I managed to get a lot of cleaning done, but I was definitely not feeling a workout.  I did do a few free weight exercises and standing ab exercises on my own.  It was not much, but better than nothing.  However, I also did not eat very much because, along with my motivation, my appetite was lacking, as well.  I am looking forward to a much better, more sweaty, kick-A workout today!!!

I am surprised at how much I slept last night – but now I am ready for a very productive Saturday with Ben.  And we have fun plans for this evening, which makes me even more motivated to be productive today!

PS – a quick update on my Social Media Detox –> I love it.  Ben hopes I will go even longer than three weeks and make permanent changes.  I just might – because I am really loving not being a part of it all.

Post Insanity Asylum workout –


Sweaty & Disgusting in a good way ~

These workouts really kick my butt; Sometimes I cannot finish the entire workout, but I still feel awesome afterward.  I could tell my body was getting stronger after just a week worth of Asylum workouts.  Now, I just need to get in gear and get back to it!!!  Thanks Shaun T!




Have a productive Saturday!

Love, ~Ann