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I am currently taking part in my own digital detox; more specifically, a social media detox.  I do not consider this blog to be social media – as I safely assume I currently have zero readers, which can be expected when posting approximately twice a month.

I am loving my social media detox – no Facebook and no Pinterest.  I am realizing how much of my time they did take up.  I am realizing how much of my attention they took away when Ben was trying to talk to me.  Ben thinks the detox is a great idea and he knows it will be a challenge for me, but I am already glad I decided to try it.

I allow social media to affect me in strange ways — For example, looking at the “Health and Fitness” Pins on Pinterest would lead me to a bad mood, feeling negative and disliking my own body.  Is that weird?

Checking Facebook, or worrying about my posts, or checking the posts of others started to become exhausting and annoying to me.  I checked Facebook constantly, outside of school hours.  Sometimes if a certain number of people did not Like my post right away, I would delete it.  Is that weird?  If the lines of my post did not line up correctly, I would delete it.  <—Honestly, I cannot even think of a good way to explain this one…

I realized that social media was taking my attention away from Ben – as he would try to talk to me while I was on Facebook or Pinterest and he only had half of my attention.  I was not fully listening to what he had to tell me because I was busy scrolling down the Facebook Newsfeed or the Pins on Pinterest.  He deserves my undivided attention. 

As I always do, I probably thought about all of this way too much.  I decided that my posts are becoming ridiculous & apparently I am addicted to updating my status — simply because I have a decision to make or a workout to complete.  Am I weird?

Yes, I am ~ But I’m okay with that…

Me & My Favorite Baby ~


Project: Bedroom is definitely coming along more quickly than we expected and Lilly has been such a big help, let me tell you!! ~



Fitness Update: Fitness is now existent in my life again (!!!) and I am loving my new Beachbody workout – Insanity: The Asylum; It is very tough, but I can tell it is making me stronger ~



I am only having negative thoughts about one aspect of this workout –> I bet that many people can relate, or I hope so…

When I workout this hard, it makes me incredibly hungry – way more hungry than normal.  For me, I feel that eating so much is canceling out all of my hard Asylum work.  KT assures me this is not true, and I do believe her because I can tell I am getting stronger – slowly but surely.

Sometimes I have trouble deciding whether my true goal is to lose weight and become thinner, or to gain muscle and become more fit.  Is that weird?

One more update: My New Love ~ Sheldon –>


Ever since Christmas Break at home with my Dad, I am loving the Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon can usually cheer me up quickly!! Is that weird?

Always be yourself, no matter what & Remember ~

Lose Weight

Never Give Up 2

Absolutely Gorgeous!

Love, ~Ann