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Ben and I had our final Christmas celebration yesterday – with the Titus family. 


After Ben snapped the above picture, we headed over to his parents’ house.  I was very excited to meet the newest addition to the Titus Family ~

Little Bella —


She is adorable!  On Sunday, she will get to meet her Cousin Lilly for the very first time and they will have a play date!!

Christmas Titus 2012 B

We had a fun evening and arrived back home around 11:00p, more than ready for bed.  We have officially wrapped up all Christmas 2012 celebrations and we are feeling very thankful for all the special people in our lives that we were able to see over the holidays – and, of course, the ones we did not get a chance to see.  We are truly blessed!

I already miss Southern Indiana and spending so much time with my family, but Ben and I have a lot to accomplish this weekend —

Including our next home project (!!!!)


We have a lot going on at once with this project, but I am excited to keep working hard and see the end result.  More on this later…

Enjoy your Saturday and remember ~

Blessed 2 Blessed

Love, Ann