To make a long explanation very short, my life has been filled with much more Teacher and a lot less Turbo.  This blog used to be about balancing a healthy lifestyle – including fitness.  However, I am currently lacking in this department and plan to make changes over break…

I still eat very healthy and have been able to keep a steady weight, and even lose a few pounds within the last month – sadly, this also includes losing muscle mass, as I have been working out much less than I used to.

I am not excited about this fact…

Over the next few days, I plan to post quite frequently and update you with Christmas pictures, as well as other important events I have missed – such as my first anniversary celebration with Ben at French Lick.

It bothers me that I have not taken the time to post about events like this because Turbo Teacher allows me to look back at my important memories I have experienced in the last three years. 

Trying to remember how I rang in the New Year 2010? or 2011? — I simply have to look back at the Turbo Teacher archives – for a full recap of the evening, complete with pictures and details.

~ Here is to the return of Turbo Teacher!!

life 2

~Love, Ann