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What an awesome weekend ~ It was a perfect way to end my summer vacation. Lots of fun and family, which is my favorite combo.

We left Saturday and headed south. After checking into our hotel in Covington, Kentucky, we were ready for the Newport Aquarium. We had a great time and were very intrigued by some of these amazing creatures.



^ Some of them even smiled for my camera ~ Cheese!


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^ A scarier smile (!!!)

Such a fun time at the aquarium! The penguins were one of my favorite exhibits, but it was difficult to snap any pictures there. Even my dad really loved visiting the Newport Aquarium.

After the Aquarium, we went to dinner at a restaurant in Newport, which was very near the Aquarium. It was called Buckhead ~ There was a fun atmosphere and lots of great food.


On Sunday, it was time for the Reds Game!!! We try to do this every summer, but we could not make it last summer because of major wedding planning (!!!) It was great to be back this year to root for the Reds!!

We watched the game from sweet suite seats, which makes it even more fun! The suites have delicious food, open bar, and awesome views!! Some of my relatives from Southern Indiana drove up today to watch the game with us, which makes it an extra-special experience!!!


The Sweet Suite –>








Awesome News –> Guess who was just a few suites down?

Charlie Sheen (!!!!!!)

Charlie Sheen



Charlie was at the game today and donated $50,000 to the Reds Community Fund, which helps improve the lives of youth. The goal for the fund was to raise $20,000 ~ They have totally surpassed that (!!!)

Such an awesome weekend ~ Sad that it is coming to an end, as is my summer vacation. This has truly been the best summer ever because I have made so many special memories and shared so many special experiences with Ben and my family. I feel like I have used my precious moments wisely this summer ~ and that is a great feeling to have.

Tomorrow I start school and my life does a complete 180, as all teachers who are reading can relate. I will definitely miss summer vacation, but there is a tiny part of me that is ready for structure and routine to return.

“We have done so much, gone every weekend, I can’t even keep it all straight!” ~Ben, on Summer

I will be writing a Guest Post soon on how to stay healthy with a busy schedule. I am glad I was asked to write this because it is perfect timing for my life and starting school. The chaos is upon me (!!!)

Ben and I are going to spend the evening preparing for the week and of course we will relax and watch our Big Brother.

Enjoy your evening, and Remember ~

Be Yourself


Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength of the nation. ~John F. Kennedy