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Before I talk about cooking abilities, or non-abilities, I must share ~

The Fab Five ~ 2012 Olympic Gold (!!!) Yea!


I love, love, love watching gymnastics.  My grandma used to tape all kinds of gymnastics for KT and I so we could watch repeatedly. 

We were in love with these ladies –>

Mag Seven

^ The Magnificent Seven

I am loving the 2012 Olympics this summer — gymnastics and synchronized diving are my two favorite events to watch.  I am so pumped for the Fab Five and the USA Gymnastics Gold ~ Amazing Athletes (!!!)

Cooking –> I cannot cook, or bake, or follow recipe to save my life ~

But today is the day I will attempt to do so for my family (!!!!!)

My mom is constantly baking yummy treats, like zucchini bread, friendship bread, or chocolate chip cookies.  KT can always follow a recipe to bake healthy treats, like powerballs or yogurt brownies. 

What happened to me?  Why can I not do this?

Do you remember my idea of baking, from Thanksgiving?  Pretzel rods dipped in icing?  I even did this again on Christmas, with different sprinkles (!!)

I decided to give this whole recipe thing a whirl a few weekends ago.  While Ben was working outside, I took some time to look up recipes online.  They are very simple recipes, but they are recipes.  And I followed them.  And I used ingredients.  And I used measuring spoons. 

One was for roasted asparagus and the other for roasted red potatoes.  I used such spices as rosemary and garlic, and also lemon juice.

IMG_3987 IMG_3991

As I was cooking, I even got nervous as to whether or not these would turn out, or if I used too much oil, or if Ben would like them.

I know this probably sounds silly to those readers who cook and bake and follow recipes all the time.  To them, this is hardly cooking ~ But I am anxious to continue to improve my kitchen skills and hopefully look back at this post and think it sounds silly also.

Instead of Olive Oil, I used Natural Grapeseed Oil, which I now love.  My mom gave this to me quite a long time ago, and I am finally using it –>


Ben thought the asparagus and potatoes tasted delicious and he kept saying he was proud of me and that I should do it more often.

I think I just might.

I hit the gym twice yesterday, as my first visit did not go very well.  I would never say it was worthless because I think every workout, no matter how big or small, is totally beneficial – But I just could not get into it.

I returned yesterday evening for a second attempt and I am so glad I did.  I left the gym feeling like I had an awesome workout – And I can definitely feel it this morning! Holy Soreness!!! 

You will always have those days – sometimes it is just hard to get into it.  Find a way to make it work.  For me, this was trying a different time of day, and different headphones <—??? Whatever works…

Now I am up summer early to get started on my recipe (!!!) Tonight I am making dinner for my family.  They keep asking me what I am making, but it is a surprise!  I have really been talking up this dinner, so I hope it turns out and I hope they love it — I will update you soon.

Have an awesome Wednesday, and Remember ~

Finish a workout

^ Yeah!

Quote Life

^ This is Perfect

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.  ~Brian Tracy