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Last night I went to Body Pump for the first time in a long time (!!!)

Since I started my new gym membership at the Y, I have been loving it so much that I always decide to spend my fitness time in the gym, rather than in a class.  Plus, my summer schedule of swim lessons and Water Aerobics does not jive well with the Body Pump schedule at the gym.

Water Aerobics had to be cancelled last night due to an incident at the pool.  This really bummed me out, but the bright side was that I would now be able to make it to Body Pump and Trainer Sis KT was instructing (!!!)

Les Mills

Les Mills Body Pump = Kick A

I used fairly light weights for two reasons: (1) my previously mentioned lower back pain, and (2) the lack of Body Pump in my life recently.

I used to think that using lighter weights meant less workout.  I think I have learned a lot since then – I no longer believe that.

There were so many people in class last night, the room was packed.  Many of the people around me loaded their bars – They used two or three times the amount of weight as I did.  But I am okay with that.

I have learned that there is something even more important than how heavy your weight is – and that is the amount of thought you put into your workout.  My workout is much tougher when use my mind also.

Think about the exercise and whether you are performing it correctly.  Think about which muscle you are working during the exercise.  Think about squeezing your muscles and keeping them tight. 

Anyone can make it through the motions.  Remember, you get out of a workout exactly what you put into it, so make it count.

I thought about all of my moves and motions at Body Pump last night.  I put my mind into them and listened to the instructions and tips KT gave us, such as “push through your front heel” for the lunge track –> These tips help and they totally improve your workout. 

As KT has taught me ~ It is better to use lighter weight and be able to keep correct form and make the full motion than it is to load on the heavy weights and not be able to do the motions correctly. 

For the lunge track, I think I had the lightest weight in the entire room, but my legs were shaking when I finished that track, and I am certain it is because I put my mind into what I was doing and did the full motions correctly.

Body Pump 2

So I am definitely not saying stay away from heavy weights – I am just saying, if you are not ready for them, perhaps use a lighter weight to make sure you can get through the workout and maintain form. 

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Body Pump 1

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Today I headed to the gym summer early for a long workout before giving my last session of swim lessons.  I am looking forward to spending a few hours with KT this afternoon because she does not work at the gym. 

I am also looking forward to the weekend for multiple reasons, including a possible boating trip with my family and celebrating with Benny (!!!) 

Have an awesome Thursday, and Remember ~

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