After Fourth Festivities, I definitely did not feel 100% today, so I did not hit the gym until this evening.  I knew I would feel better afterwards, though.  I spent a lot of time on the not-so-innocent Ab Bench.

Because of our upcoming boating-cabin weekend, I know I will miss at least one day of working out, probably two, possibly even three… Yikes!!

Before celebrating the Fourth, we spent a lot of time yesterday packing and preparing for our weekend trip ~


After running errands and packing, and working on our project for awhile yesterday afternoon, we were ready to begin our Festivities.

We went with my in-laws to a place called The Rathskellar.

RathskellarRathskellar Stage


We stayed outside in the Bier Garten because there was a band playing.  Within twenty minutes of being at the Rathskellar, I spilled my Vodka and Diet Coke on my dress because I always talk with my hands.  Eh…

By the end of the night, we were all dancing on the table benches (!!!)




Love the two above pics ~ Fun times!


A very fun night with my Hubby and my in-laws.  The older I become, the more my family truly becomes my best friends.

I am looking forward to our weekend (!!!) but summer is flying by way too quickly for me.  I cannot believe week one of July is almost over!

Enjoy your weekend, and Remember ~

Sunshine Walt

Matthew 1720