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Our plan was to wake up summer early again today and head straight to the Gym.  No Dilly-Dallying, as Tony Horton would say.  But we actually did do a bit of Dilly-Dallying, so we did not hit the gym as early as planned.

Intimidating Machine #4 – “The Thigh Machine”


You can work both inner and outer thigh with this machine by making a few easy adjustments.  This machine is one of my favorites. 

However, today this machine came in second – My favorite part at the gym was seeing a childhood friend and getting to catch up!!  I am excited that she was there and we may try to make it to some classes together soon.

Before I tell you about my new book I found yesterday, I must show you something else I found while we were out –>


Seriously? How funny (!!!) I did not purchase a Recovery Shot, but I had to snap a picture while we were waiting in line.

After a quick trip to GNC and sharing a laugh over the Hangover Recovery Shot, KT and I made a trip to the public library.  I forgot how much I loved the library. I will definitely be visiting again soon when I can stay longer.  Here is the first of two books I checked out yesterday –>


I could tell by the first two pages, that I would enjoy this book…


You are the only one who can use your ability.  It is an awesome responsibility.  ~Zig Ziglar


This is definitely an Oldie-but-Goodie book.  It was actually published 10 years before I was born.  My mom informed me that she also read this book long ago.  I am enjoying it and learning a lot already.

A majority of what I have read thus far is all about the importance of a healthy self-image.  This is definitely something I need to work on, as I am sure others do, as well.  I will leave you with a small excerpt –>

Join the smile and compliment club.  When you smile at someone and they smile back, you automatically feel better.  Even if they don’t smile back, you will feel better because you know the most destitute person in the world is the one without a smile.  You immediately become richer by giving that person yours.  Ditto for the compliment.  When you sincerely compliment a person or extend him a courtesy he is going to receive a direct benefit and like himself better.  It is impossible for you to make someone feel better and not feel better about yourself. 

Have a wonderful day, and Remember ~

Keep Smiling

Smile Girl

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. ~Mother Teresa