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First for today ~ Happy Birthday to this Guy –>


Tony Horton is 54 today – How awesome does he look?! 

I am so glad I decided to become a member at the Y!!!

Here are just a few of those intimidating fitness machines that I am finally learning how to use and I am no longer scared of —

Cybex Cable Crossover ~ Never have I ever used this machine before; It is an enormous machine that is very intimidating to me…


But thanks to Trainer Sis KT, I now know how awesome it is and how many muscles it is actually capable of working.  I think it literally has an exercise for each muscle – arms, legs, abs, gluteus, everything (!!!)

Here is a machine I used multiple times this morning and yesterday, majorly concentrating on abdominal muscles.  Yes, it looks like a simple bench, but do not let it fool you.  Holy Sore-ness in my stomach!


My legs go over the handle-bar-looking-thing in the top right of the picture, and my head is at the bottom toward the floor.  The ball is 6 lbs. and I hold it in my hands when I crunch up or to the side.

Another Fav from my workout yesterday – The Butt Machine (!!!) 


KT said this one also works your back muscles and abdominals, but I mostly focused on working my gluteus on this machine.  My feet go on the two white plates at the bottom and my stomach goes over the two square cushions on the top.  Lift, then squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and repeat…

More intimidating machine updates to come soon. 

KT and I got up early (summer early = 6:50a) for a workout today.  I left the gym and went straight to my hair appointment.  I love that my morning workout was complete by 8:30a and I still had the entire day ahead of me. Early workouts are tough, especially in the summer, but I always have a better day if I workout in the morning.

And I also love that Brooke, one of my best childhood friends, did my hair, and she does not mind that I was sweaty and gross when I got to her. 

Tonight is Water Aerobics and I know that will be a great workout, too.  I am excited for a post all about Water Aerobics at HCP.  I am going to snap some pics and perhaps a video to share on an upcoming post.

A few other exciting things to share on future posts – including Spring Break 2013 plans (!!!!!!) We purchased our plane tickets today.  Also some exciting Beachbody deals to share, and some interesting food facts.

^ All of those for a later post…

For now, Khloe – Thank You for this Chick Tip because I am feeling that I can truly relate to it lately.  It is very true…

Chick Tip

Have an awesome day you Guys, and Remember ~

These are two of my favorite Fitness Motivation quotes — Because it is always easy to lose motivation, even for the most motivated people.  I bet even Shaun T loses his fitness motivation every now and then (?)

You are the one that has to decide to take the first step – You have to believe in yourself before anyone else can help you reach your goals. 

Love This Quote

Stop saying you Can't

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. ~Norman Vincent Peale