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Summer is off to a great start!!

For those of you who do not know already, I travel to Southern Indiana each summer to stay with my family.  I finally feel like I am getting settled in, but now I am back up to Indy for a meeting with my team at school.

Ben and I still see each other often ~ As we have it planned out, we will not go any longer than a week without seeing each other this summer. 

In the past, I have gone home because I manage our City Pool in Southern Indiana.  This summer, I am not managing, but chose only to be involved with the Water Aerobics program. 

Here is a glimpse of Water Aerobics, from last summer –>

Water Aerobics Pic

^ That is Tiffany ~ She is an awesome Water Aerobics instructor and I am excited that she is also still working with the program (!!!)

I cannot wait for Water Aerobics to begin!  Along with that, I am giving private swim lessons to two (very cute) little boys this summer.  These things will keep me busy enough, and I am excited about both of them.

Also, I have made the decision to join a gym (!!!!!!!!!!!!) this summer.  Remember that Ben & I cancelled our membership because we were loving P90X and seeing great results.  I am still loving P90X, but I am ready for a small change this summer, as far as my fitness is concerned.

I have decided to join the Y where my sister KT teaches Body Pump and gives personal training sessions ~ She is awesome!  Yesterday morning, I went to the Y for my trial session and I loved it.  KT showed me so many new moves and new machines, that have always intimidated me at my past gyms. 

Machines. Are. Intimidating. Right?

I think the gym is really going to help motivate me, especially with KT there to help me and guide me and encourage me, like she did yesterday.  I cannot wait to get back there on Monday and set up my membership!!

Now ~ Back to school.  On my last post, I told you I was excited to be getting rid of my student chairs.  I am also excited to tell you why (!!!)


Back in April I applied for a Legacy Grant in my school community.  I titled my Grant, “Get the Wiggles Out,” and it is all about using stability balls in the classroom instead of student chairs.


Here are a few excerpts from my Grant –>

Research shows that teachers and students who have used stability balls in the classroom environment report an enhanced ability to concentrate.  I have been in contact with an elementary classroom teacher who has used this technique in her classroom and seen a rise in test scores.  In a recent conversation regarding the stability balls, she said to me, “I am so glad I did it.  I can’t imagine them not sitting on stability balls. It has made that much of a difference academically and behaviorally.”

Along with talking to the teacher mentioned above, I have researched this topic thoroughly and found information and statistics that make me excited to try this within my own classroom.  Harvard professor Doctor John Ratey spoke of the increased focus and concentration of students when using the stability ball, “It seems to be a result of the tiny movements kids make while balancing.  The small movements stimulate their brains, which helps them focus.”

While researching the use of stability balls in the classroom, I stumbled upon positive feedback from elementary students who are the same age as my own students — “They’re awesome,” said 10-year-old James Howell, a student at Bauder Elementary School, “They help you focus, they help you keep your structure. And sometimes you get to bounce on them, and get the wiggles out.”

I think it could be just what we need for those many students who have trouble remaining focused in the classroom.  Even the most wonderful, most researched-based, most skill-based set of books is not going to help the student who cannot concentrate long enough to get through the lesson.

It is time to “Get the Wiggles Out” and focus on learning!


In May, I was so excited to find that I had been awarded this Grant and my students would be able to use stability balls in place of student chairs (!!)

After one of my long work days last week, I spent some time testing out different sizes of stability balls and desk heights to find the right one.


^ Perfect ~ Now, time to get the wiggles out!

This morning, I am heading  to school for a work day with my team, then running a few errands.  Tonight, Ben and I are planning to have drinks after work with friends on our favorite boatyard deck (!!!)  

Enjoy your weekend, and Remember ~

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