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We all have “that space” – right?  The “catch-all” space where we throw everything that does not have a home in the house, or maybe we are not sure exactly where to put it yet. 

For some people “that space” might be a drawer or closet, but for Ben & I it has somehow become an entire spare room – and closet attached.

I am a little embarrassed by our space, and I cannot believe I let it get so out of control (!!!!!) Those of you who know me will probably be surprised that I would let a space look this cluttered and unorganized; But when school is in session, there is just no time to worry about the organization of a spare room.

Despite my feelings on this space, I am going to show you anyway –>


^ Before => Eh… I dislike this picture (!!!!!!!)

Keep Calm Clutter

There is seriously a bit of everything in this room (!!!) including, but most definitely not limited to the following – Camping Gear, Christmas and Halloween Decorations, School items that were moved from my classroom, random Tote Bags, Easter Decorations, Laundry Baskets, and many new wedding gifts that we have unwrapped but not opened.

(!!!!!!!) So. Much. Stuff. Totally. Unorganized. Cluttered. &. Annoying.


^ I found lots of cool stuff – especially in my wedding boxes!

I spent a large amount of the day on Tuesday organizing this crazy mess.  Ben helped me with the shelves, but the rest of the work was all mine.  I worked very hard for hours and definitely worked up a sweat.

And —- Ta Da ~


^ Relief (!!) — After => much better

Wow! When I look up at the Before picture I am so embarrassed (!!)

The hard work, major cleaning and organization continued on Wednesday, which was the first day in my new school and new classroom…

Welcome to Room 202, instead of 262 –>


^ Completely Overwhelmed…

Keep Calm Organize

I worked in my room for nearly 10 hours, even though it does not look this way in the pictures I took at the end of the evening –>


^ Wednesday Evening: After

Leaving my classroom like this was difficult for me, but it was 8:00p and I was no longer being very productive because I was hungry & thirsty.  I was anxious to continue this major job…

I headed to school around 9:00a today and stayed until 6:00p – I did get a lot accomplished while I was there, but still have lots to do –>


^ Thursday Evening: After –> Making Progress

There are lots of little things to be done yet; And also lots of big things, like bulletin boards.  But I am heading to Southern Indiana tomorrow morning, so those things will have to wait until I return to Indy in a couple weeks.


^ And I am excited to be getting rid of these!  Yes, I am getting rid of my student chairs (!!) But that is a post in itself ~ I will explain tomorrow!

It has been three very productive, hard-working, cleaning, de-cluttering, organizational types of days – I am definitely ready for some quality family time on the boat this weekend before my summer jobs begin.

For now, I am thinking this –>

Keep Calm Drink

Excited for some QT with Ben & Lilly tonight.

Have a Super weekend, and Remember ~

True Beauty

Love Yourself