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12th Annual JMF Memorial Golf Scramble ~ June 2012


Welcome to the 12th Annual JMF Memorial Scramble ~

What a wonderful tribute to Jason to have all of you here, playing the sport he loved so much.  The Feldmeyer Family would like to Thank You for helping us keep his name alive! 

Thanks to your continued support and generosity, the JMF Memorial Scholarship fund has been able to award nearly $70,000 in scholarship money to area high school senior golfers.

^ That was the first part of my speech this year; I always use a microphone and say the opening words at the Golf Scramble.  Following this, I introduce the winner of the scholarship and then the golfing begins (!!!)

Ceremonial First Ball ~


^ This year, the Ceremonial First Ball was hit by multiple people, depending on the round.  Bryce, the winner of the scholarship, was there for three out of the four rounds to hit the Ceremonial First Ball.

^ The man in the green is 81 years old and a great friend of my dad.  He has played in the JMF Scramble since it started in 2000.

^ I wish I had a picture of our third Ceremonial First Ball hitter – It was a friend and golf teammate of Jason.  He hit the ball kneeling down; I laughed at this, but later learned that there was a story to go along with it, that involved my brother hitting the ball off his knees during a match (!!!)

Diamond Sponsors for 2012 –


In 2000, the very first year of the JMF Memorial Scramble, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Tom Lehman, & Jack Nicklaus were also Sponsors (!!!) 

Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh even called my house and left messages for my dad to wish him luck with the first JMF Scramble (!!!)

We always have raffles at the Scramble.  This year, we raffled off Golf rounds at the Pete Dye course and a night at West Baden hotel, which were donated after KT wrote a letter to the Pete Dye course.

We also raffled off the Margaritaville Cornhole Boards ~


These were made and donated by my Uncle Rick & his family; If you are interested check out the Elliott Creative Facebook Page.

We always have two food tents set up at the JMF Scramble, in which our family members help grill out.  These are my cousins, BT & Chris, grilling burgers and brats under the tent on Saturday –>


They also played in the Scramble Saturday afternoon –>


Benny also got two teams together to play in the JMF Scramble this year; His team members drove from Indianapolis and Cincy to play, which is very much appreciated by me and my family –>


Family Helpers – Greg & Derek –>


Mom and Dad ~


^ My parents spend a lot of time each day riding around in this vehicle, which is also donated for the weekend, making sure to visit each team.

Though some of the time it seems that we are running around non-stop, there is also plenty of time for visiting with family and friends, and having a great time together, and even some jokes to be played –> 

Ice Wars (!!!) –>


^ Check out what is sitting by the Tee Marker (!!!)

We were at the Food Tent with my cousins, when we saw Benny and his team heading our way. We told the players on Ben’s team to let him hit first…


^ This was attached to the Tee Marker

^ Though pulling this off was a group effort, it was the idea of my cousin Chris; But I was not allowed to tell Ben…


Ben gulped it down; Then he was quick to return the favor to his teammate Matt, thinking that he was the one who Iced him…


^ And the Ice Wars continued throughout the day, ending with Derek being Iced by Benny under the food tent.  Fun times – Especially if you are the one watching and get to know who is Icing who.

KT in the Beer Cart –>


What a great weekend!! The JMF Memorial Golf Scramble takes place on Friday and Saturday – and these are two of my very favorite, most special days of the entire year, for multiple reasons…

Everyone does not know that September 25 is the date my brother passed away, and everyone does not know that April 10 is the day he was born. People do not think of him on these days, as my family always does; But on the two special days of the JMF Memorial Scramble, everyone takes time to think of my brother, Jason – These are his two days, the days we enjoy the sport that he loved so much and played so well, in his honor.

I am so thankful for everyone who helped make this event a success, whether by working at the Scramble, or playing, or setting up, or donating.  There is so much that goes into making the JMF Scramble a success. 

Saturday evening, when the event was over, Ben drove us home.  When we pulled into my driveway, there were so many vehicles and many people outside scrambling around the house.  I am glad I had sunglasses on at this time because I automatically started crying… 

All of these people were family and friends – and they did not leave my house until everything was unloaded and put away.  To stop and think about all of the help my family and friends gave makes my heart feel so grateful. 

My Aunt Dede & Aunt Jenny and Uncle Rick and many others were at the scramble bright and early both days, did not leave the scramble, and were at my house Saturday evening, helping to get everything put away after two long days. There is no way to show them how thankful and appreciative I am…

2012 JMF Memorial Scramble => A very special weekend; An amazing event in honor of an amazing person

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Not Forgotten

Bright Heart