What an unforgettable week I have had (!!!) 

The last week of school was incredibly hectic ~ And I managed to find absolutely no time for blogging, workouts, or anything that was not related to school or packing up my classroom.

But the hectic week ended with a most wonderful Memorial Day weekend and it has been such an awesome start to my summer vacation!! 

{ Warning ~ This is the longest post ever }

Thursday – Last Day of school with my students –>

Mrs. Titus Collage 2012DSC00663


Friday – Final Teacher Day / Packing Day –>

Saying my final good-bye to Clarks Creek Room 262, as I pack to move to a different building; This day was bittersweet, but mostly bitter –

I am truly going to miss the staff that I have come to know, love, and collaborate so well with in the last three years.


Good-Bye Room 262 ~ Thank You for many wonderful memories!

Friday Evening – Welcome Summer celebration –>


A great start to summer, celebrating with a grill-out at my in-laws house.  This was a very fun, relaxing evening.

Saturday Evening – Dinner at Rick’s Boatyard Café –>



The perfect place to celebrate summer!

Sunday – No Race for me / Pool time instead –>

The high for Sunday was 95 (!!!) and this was just too hot for me to enjoy the Indy 500 with Ben & friends.  I hate being sweaty, so I skipped out on the Race and purchased this –>



Lil & I enjoyed our Sunday at the pool and I decided that I was happy with my decision to stay home from the Race.


Monday – Family Time at the Pool –>


Lilly hates the water!  But she loved when I would get the wash cloth wet in the water and put it on her back!  What a Terdy!!! –>




Lots of fun in the sun with Lilly, but we did not forget the true meaning of Memorial Day and the soldiers who have served ~

The Debt We Owe

Happy Memorial Day!! 

What a fun and relaxing weekend ~ This was an awesome start to my summer.  I am excited to see what the rest of summer has in store!! 

I am also ready to get back to regularly scheduled workouts and healthful eating habits.  When everything became so crazy at the end of the school year, my workouts became non-existent, along with healthful eating…

But I am getting right back on track starting today via Shakeology Cleanse.  This is a challenge, but exactly what I need right now ~ Check out the post I wrote the last time I did a Shakeology Cleanse.

Have a great day!  And Remember ~

Summer Lazy Days

Everyone is a Star