I just had an awesome hour-long run / walk around the neighborhood; I really kept up my pace, focused on long strides, and even threw in some lunges every time I got to a certain sidewalk near the airport (!!!)

I strode much farther than planned ~ Thanks to this song –>


KT was jamming to it this weekend and now I am hooked…

Payphone Sun

I. Love. Music.

My plan was to walk for ten minutes and then come back to finish out P90X with Ben – He was starting when I left. But I just did not want to stop ~

walking, running, thinking, jamming –> Over 60 minutes (!!!)

Considering a workout, but having trouble getting started? Turn on some tunes ~ I bet it will pump you up and get you going…

Last night’s Grill Out / Catch Up Night was a fun time –>






^ My Two Favs

Almost Summer