It has been quite awhile ~ which is why I have so many pictures on this post to share with you!!  Exciting news since I last posted –>


Ben & I decided to buy a new boat with my parents (!!!!)


I spent a lot of time on Saturday cleaning up the front interior; I definitely worked up a sweat cleaning the seats inside and out…

Then look what happened –>


Nothing good can come of trying to unload a ShopVac alone via a ladder; Don’t worry, all of that mess in the Vac did not come from the boat!

We are more than ready to take the boat out this summer with friends and family ~ And make lots of special summer memories!!!

Even though we only went in halfsies with my parents, we are proud of our first big “Fun” investment, and Dave Ramsey would be proud too, as we have no debt involved in our “Fun” purchase.


Thank You, Dave Ramsey, for teaching us well with your Financial Fitness Plan (!!!) Ben and I read “Total Money Makeover” and we went to listen to Dave Ramsey speak when he was in Indy a couple of years ago ~ We both agree that we have learned some valuable information from Dave.

After cleaning the boat on Saturday afternoon, I went to a 50th Anniversary Celebration for my childhood babysitter and her husband…


I was able to see a lot of very special people that I had not seen in a long while; Most importantly, my childhood babysitter – Millie.  I doubt she knows how special she is to me and how much I learned from her.  She most definitely helped shape me into the person I am today. 

Following the anniversary celebration, and church & dinner with my family, it was finally time for Cousin Time (!!!)  It has been way too long –>

Cousins OT


My cousin, Leslie, was in town from Ohio ~ and the four of us made our way to the OverTime, a small-town bar in Southern Indiana.  Words will not express the evening we had (!!!) — unexpected, crazy excitement…

We had three drinks together at the OT before our ride came at midnight, and apparently I thought this conversation with my friend Erin, who I have not seen in a while, was worth a screen shot –>


As always, I am glad I only had a few drinks and headed home early…

What a special Saturday, full of seeing people I have not seen in a long while.  That makes all of the other things I always worry about seem so silly, because it is just such a wonderful feeling to see these people. 

That brings us to a very Special Day to celebrate Moms ~


^ Mom, Daughters, and Gramdogs (!!!)

I put these together for my Mom and my Mother-in-Law –>



And we gave my Mom an Everlasting Love charm ~


And of course, Mom made sure that Lilly and Sophie got their own Mommies a little special something to show their Love ~


Thank You Lil & Soph!! What a fun day with Mom & our Babies!

Terdy Lil & Terdy Soph ~


After a weekend away from Benny, Lil and I are glad to be back to see him, even though we already miss our family in Southern Indiana.

We are all getting ready for a Grill Out / Catch-Up Night –>


Happy Mother’s Day to my Very Best Friend, and to all the other wonderful Mommies and Mommies-to-be out there ~

Mother's Day

^ My Mom is so special to me ~ One of the strongest people I know; To think about what she has gone through, and the fact that she can still smile like she is in that picture –> What a special person!  Love you, Mom!

Family Quote 2

Family Quote