Along with our wonderful Birthday Weekend eats last week, came the following sweet treats that now disgust me –>

Laffy TaffySnickers Ice CreamTootsie Rolls

I left all of this out of the Birthday posts because I did not want any type of negative spin on the Birthday Weekend recaps…

Tootsie Rolls and Laffy Taffy took over my Thursday; I could not stop eating them, making constant visits to my classroom candy jar.  Saturday, after our birthday dinner, I could not stop eating the Snickers ice cream.

On Friday, in between Tootsie Roll Day and Snickers Day, I had these two small pieces of cookies from the lounge at school.  I am glad I only tore off small pieces of two different cookies ~ this was okay with me.  Normally, I would just completely pass up the trays of cookies and have none.


But the number of Laffy Taffy and Tootsie Rolls and ice cream scoops I ate was not okay with me.  I am not being silly, I think people would be disgusted to know how many Tootsie Rolls I ate in one afternoon.

I am not sure what caused this to happen, but I have a couple of ideas –>

First of all, like I mentioned earlier, I have been trying to restrict the number of carbs I eat in the evening – Maybe such restriction in the beginning of the week caused me to crave all of these sugary sweets at the end of the week.  Sweet Treats are the only things that sounded appealing.

My other thought => Lack of Shakeology.  I have been drinking only half a Shake per day, or maybe not even drinking a Shake at all on some days lately.  I have not been drinking it routinely and I am positive this is a major part of my sweet-addiction-problem lately.

I am getting back to routine with my Shakeology this week, starting with Monday, and I know it will help me feel better about all of this.

Eating all of the junk mentioned above makes me feel like crap, physically and mentally.  It throws off my entire mood, as I am sure I have mentioned in a previous post.  I am hard on myself and easily get upset at myself, and too much junk food really does make me feel crappy and gross.

People reading might think this complaining from me is annoying – because some people think along the lines of ~ Well why does she care what she eats?  She is small anyways; She does not need to watch what she eats.  Why does she complain about what she looks like?  Why is that other tiny person in this exercise class with us?  She does not need to lose weight.  Why will she not eat a cookie or one piece of cake, that is so ridiculous.

These comments and thoughts irritate me, but I know people think them constantly.  I am not speaking about myself in any certain situation, but just in general – society.  I believe that anyone, big or small, young or old, who is trying to improve their overall health and fitness deserves smiles and encouragement, not comments and thoughts such as the ones mentioned above.  A person should not feel bad for trying to make a healthy choice. But sometimes I feel that society begs to differ…

I am usually very cautious about what I eat, I am hard on myself for eating too much junk food, Missing workouts makes me very upset at myself, Improving my body and my health is a number one goal always, I have days (many) that I really dislike my body and feel unhappy with myself in the mirror, and I constantly feel like I should do more and do better…

Here are bits and pieces of a text message to my Sis ~


^ Yes, we always call each other Dude…

Along with all of these things, of course I realize that there are way more important things in life.  I will realize this even more so when I have a family and children of my own.  I know there are much worse things than eating too much junk food or missing a workout ~ Of course I know this and understand it, but that does not stop me from caring about my body, and feeling that fitness is important for me.

I think it is important to love yourself and embrace your body, but I think it can be very difficult for many people – big and small, young and old.  Being supportive of each other and encouraging one another can only help us.

Enjoy your evening & Try to accept yourself more ~

Dear Body

Dear Self 2