Happy Birthday

And the Birthday Weekend continues…

Last night we joined Ben’s parents for a special Birthday dinner.  We started at their house, opening a few gifts.


The first gift was the big favorite ~ from me, Ben’s family, and my family.  We all went together to purchase private golf lessons for Ben (!!!)


Ben received a special book from his brother.  It is called “The Big Miss” and I think it is written by the man who has trained Tiger Woods (?)

And a surprise from Ben’s parents –>


The “Luck” jersey to replace the old #18 jersey.  Perfect!

After a drink at Ben’s parents house, we all headed out to dinner at a restaurant called Seasons 52 –>


^ Every item less than 475 calories (!!!!)



Ben & his parents shared a bottle of wine; I ordered a Strawberry Coconut Skinny Martini – which was enough for two drinks.  Delicious!


I ordered vegetable soup, plus a dinner of grilled chicken, broccoli, beets, and wild rice.  Ben ordered black bean soup, plus a Char (?) dinner.

Everything tasted amazing.  And check out the desserts ~


They are the perfect size to cure a sweet tooth.  The waitress brings this tray around to each table after dinner and explains each dessert, then you choose the one you want; I wonder how many people can say no?

Ben and I both had the peanut butter / chocolate dessert – Perfect.

Happy Birthday to my One Special Person, who is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I love you ~