Ben always wants Mexican food, and I always disagree.  I have not eaten at a Mexican restaurant in a very long time, even though I always used to in my college days.  It makes me feel disgusting afterward, so I stay away.

Well, this evening Ben played the “Birthday Weekend” Card.  His birthday is Sunday, April 29, but he said that I should agree to a Mexican dinner tonight because it is his birthday weekend.  How could I say no?

As always, Ben made a “Get Ready” drink for me…


…in a cup I dislike ~ RangTang vodka and Sprite Zero.

We headed to Riviera Maya, which is a new Mexican restaurant only a few minutes away from our house –>



Ben ordered the Jumbo Margarita (!!!)


I ordered a vodka & Diet Coke while we munched on our chips and salsa and queso – Yum, these were delicious!

After a lot of chit chat and catching up on the week, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Salad for dinner.  Look at all of that chicken – I could not even eat all of it, but forgot my to-go container. 


They brought Benny a Birthday Tequila Shot (!!!)


And the Jumbo Margarita could not be finished…

Before we left for dinner, I told myself that I was not going to leave this place feeling sick from too many chips and salsa, like I used to ~ I needed to have some self-control.  And when we left, I was fine, no disgusting feeling.

It was a very fun, relaxing night with the Birthday Boy at Riviera Maya (!!) When we got home, we spent some QT with Lillian ~


Today we are traveling to visit a friend, and when we get home we are continuing the Birthday Weekend – joining Ben’s parents for dinner.

Have a great weekend ~ Be productive, take time to relax, and say your prayers –> I have a lot on my prayer list right now, it seems.

And remember…

Life Hard But Beautiful

Every Second

Make every second count this weekend…