We accomplished a lot around the house yesterday ~ I worked inside, cleaning upstairs and down, and Ben spent the day outside, painting shutters.

I turned a very tiny task into a much-larger-than-necessary task…


^ Replacing the Salt and Pepper shakers

We have had the new red ones forever, but the task always seems so annoying to me – to switch out the shakers.  Yesterday, I decided to do it.

Annnnd the result –>


I knew it was an annoying task.  First I replaced the pepper – easy.  Our old shakers are so simple and the lid just screws off of the top for easy filling.  The new ones are much cuter, but definitely not easy filling. 

After I filled the salt shaker, I stepped back to put the plug in the bottom and realized all the salt had fallen through while I was pouring => Huge pile of salt and No salt in new shaker…

My mom happened to call right at this time, and she quickly informed me that the salt shaker has an extra hole in the center, which causes the salt to fall through, unlike the pepper, so I needed to hold my hand over the holes when I filled it – Duh, simple.

I pick up the shaker and begin filling again, this time with my hand covering the holes.  As I finish, plug the shaker and turn it over, some pepper falls out.  What? Pepper? — Oh yes, I have picked up the pepper shaker and added salt into it => Huge pile of pepper and salt mixed together, which had to be dumped out of the new shaker.


And this brought me back to two empty old shakers, and two empty new ones.  I did finally accomplish this simple task, but it took way too long.

While I was cleaning up old messes and also making new ones, Ben was taking all of the shutters off the house to paint them…


He finished all of them, along with the front door and replaced them all back onto the house yesterday.  He was a busy body – and probably sore today.

As I cleaned yesterday, I decided I would share our Wine Corks with you, because I think it is such a neat idea.  I cannot remember where we saw this or learned about it, but I am glad we decided to do it ~


^ We received the container as a gift…


Before we put our corks in the jar, we always write on them – we try to include the date and the occasion for the bottle of wine, and sometimes the people we were with.  I do not even like wine, but love this idea.  While I was cleaning, I took a minute to go back and peek through a few of the corks we had written on a long time ago.

Finally, after all of the cleaning & painting was complete, we were ready to end the work and start the well-deserved play.


On the way to dinner, I had a small drink that Ben made for me while I was getting ready –> It was a Vodka and Sprite Zero.  We jammed out to one of our new favorite tunes that I recently downloaded to the Pod.

We decided on Granite City for dinner –>


^ I loved this new addition to the menu, called Flavorful Skinnies, with Lite Long Islands, Skinny Cosmos, and Super Model Mojitos. 

I contemplated one of these Skinnies, but decided to stick with my Vodka and Diet Coke, which is much skinnier at 80 calories.



^ I ordered Mediterranean Chicken; with an extra side of broccoli…


^ Holy Broccoli (!!!) I should not have ordered the extra side; I ended up bringing it home ~ Everything was so delicious!


^ Tons of broccoli is not a bad thing; This is a snippet from an article that a friend sent me called “Fat Burning Foods”

I hope you enjoyed your weekend; We definitely did ~ with both productivity and fun involved.  Today Ben & I managed to squeeze in the P90X Mother of all Workouts and I walked for nearly 3 miles afterward.

Now it is time to prepare for this week, and then Ben & I are planning to grill out for dinner and hang with Lillian.

Enjoy your Sunday evening, and Remember ~

See with Heart

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