Once again ~ It has been quite a while! 

Today after school I came straight home and immediately set up my office on our kitchen table; This included my computer, papers, and materials for creating Baby Shower invitations…


^ I also used the kitchen floor because I needed even more space!

Ben is working late tonight, so I have worked non-stop since I started, only stopping to play with Lillian every once in a while.

I am trying to work on tasks for this year and I have a lot on my mind for next school year, as well.  I have been very productive tonight as far as school is concerned, so I decided to take a break and write a quick post.

I will fill you in on our very first Health Fair ~


KT and I were a part of the St. Francis Women’s Wellness Health Fair last Saturday.  It was the first time we had done anything like this and it was a great learning experience for us. 

The highlight of the day was meeting someone whose husband worked at a large gymnastics / fitness gym in the area ~ She told us it would be great to have our booth as a vendor for their next big gymnastic meet (!!!)



Throughout the morning, we gave away a lot of free samples, sold some Shakeology packets, and had an awesome raffle basket –> including a Turbo Jam DVD, three Shakeology packets, a Xocai Xe energy drink, sweat towels, a Shaker bottle and a few more goodies (!!!)

Speaking of Goodies ~ My parents came to Indy on Saturday and met up with us after the Health Fair.  They stayed the night with us and we went out to dinner with my family and Ben’s family to celebrate Mom’s birthday. 

And check out the two delicious treats we enjoyed after dinner…


^ I did the purple icing writing on the cake!! I had plenty of each dessert; They were delicious, but I did not feel well after this birthday celebration.

After my last post full of negative-ness, I am glad to tell you that I am in the process of being back on track, and back to regularly scheduled moods, foods, and workouts.  I will share more about this process on upcoming posts…

And Speaking of Goodies again (!!!!!) Look at this –>


Even though I have not opened this package yet, I know what is inside and I am very excited about it and excited to share it on Turbo Teacher.  There are only three other people who know what is inside ~ KT, Mom, and Ben.

I will open this and share the contents on my next post (!!!!!) which I hope will be sooner than one week away, unlike current routine.

Enjoy your evening and Remember ~

Take Chances

Life Follow your Heart

^ I really love both of these ~ Follow your Dreams

Heart Love  ~Ann