I cannot believe it has been this long since I last posted.

My mood has been very off the last couple of days and Negative Nancy definitely paid me a visit or two during this time. I am not sure of the cause for my bad mood, but it seems to be on the mend this evening.

I have skipped workouts for the last three days ~ for no great reason, except that I did not feel like it. Today makes four days in a row of no workout, which is unlike me these days. I am all about squeezing some form of workout into each day, but for the last four days, I have not cared…

My Body Pump session with KT on Saturday was Awesome Amazing kick-A, but since then I have not felt pumped up about a workout.

My appetite has not been quite as huge as normal either –> probably due to a lack of P90X in my life. I did not have my Shakeology very often over Spring Break ~ so perhaps that threw off my mood and my eating habits.

After eating a variety of unusual-for-me and also unhealthy-for-me foods on Easter, I was excited for my Shakeology on Monday.

Speaking of Easter, check out this Easter post from two years ago. Looking back at this gave me a laugh ~ the Friday Night Madness (!!!)

I enjoyed Easter this year even more! ~


^ Eggs for the Grand-dogs!


^ KT and Baby Soph


^ Dad & Mom with the Grand-dogs


^ Special afternoon with Special people (!!!) & Pups

And lots of delicious eats throughout the weekend ~


I love this platter that belongs to my mom; I have one, but my platter is much smaller than the one above. You can switch out the mini according to the holiday ~ For Easter, my mom used the Bunny, of course.

This was Easter Sunday at my Grandparents –>


I definitely ate many unusual-for-me foods over Easter weekend. I indulged at both celebrations, on Saturday & Sunday => Delicious Desserts!

Over my Spring Break, the weather was amazing so Ben & I enjoyed a Grill out or two with Lilly throughout the week ~



^ Ann & Ben


^ Holy Cheeseburger (!!!) ~ Love this picture


^ My Spring Break Bestie

On Monday, my Spring Break came to an end and it was time to return to school; It seems that my students were not too upset by this ~


Exciting Beachbody news over Break ~


^ I was excited to be on this list again ~ The list is cut off in this picture, but I am closer to the top this time than I was the last (!!!)

I really hope to grow my Beachbody biz this summer, when I *might* have more time to dedicate to the work. This weekend KT and I will be presenting Shakeology at a Women’s Wellness Fair at a local hospital ~ There is a lot to prepare for our first Shakeology booth…


I am excited for the Wellness Fair and cannot wait to introduce many other women to my favorite, Healthiest Meal of the Day.

I am sure that the lack of Shakeology over my Spring Break has caused me to get off balance; This combined with my Break coming to an end – because even though I love my kids, it is always hard to return after a break; And also missing my family, after spending many special days with them in Southern Indiana ~ I know each of these are contributors to my current mood…

And yesterday was a sad family day anyway => so I think all of these things combined have thrown off the beginning of my week, including my workouts, eating habits, and my mood in general – All are just off.

Had I written this post yesterday, or on Monday, there would have been none of (!!!!) this (!!!!) going on. I would have probably been annoyed by this (!!!!) We all have these days, and I usually choose not to blog about them.

Have a wonderful evening and Remember ~


When You're Happy

^ Definitely = Really Love both of these…

HeartLove ~Ann