Look at me blogging more over my Spring Break, like I said I would…

Actually, over my Break I have dreaded even taking out my computer.  I am so much enjoying my family time, that I have hardly looked at my computer.

If I have learned anything over my Spring Break – Not that one is supposed to be learning at all over Break, but if I have, it is this ~

Life The Simple Things

Simple Things I have done over break that have made it so Special ~

Three date nights in a row with Ben

Shopping by myself

Cleaned out closets at Home to surprise Mom

Went walking at the trail – Just my Dad and I

Went walking with the pups, KT, and Mom

Visited all my grandparents

A quick ten minute catch-up visit with my cousin, who I have missed

KT & I taught Dad some weight exercises – He is now doing each night

Read “Catching Fire” – I am half way through now

Spent lots of time with KT –> working on Special plans (!!!)

These Simple Things have accounted for a wonderful Spring Break.  I am sad that tomorrow is Friday, which marks an entire week off already, but I am happy with how I have spent each moment… 

Throughout my Break, I have mixed a lot of productivity, with some relaxation, with much-needed special family time ~ This seems to be the perfect blend for a perfect Spring Break.

I will catch you up on workouts and such later, but for now I am back in Indy and excited to spend some time with Ben and Lilly.

Enjoy your evening and always Remember ~

Life Little Things

Enjoy the Little Things

May today be your day to dance lightly with life
to sing wild songs of adventure,
to invite rainbows and butterflies out to play,
to soar your spirit and unfurl your joy.

– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

HeartLove  ~Ann