Remember my plan for Day #2 of Break ~


Plan => Be this lady

I got a lot of cleaning done yesterday (!!!) ~

I started with the disgusting tasks.  I wore my long pink rubber gloves and scrubbed away.  I wiped down all of our baseboards upstairs, which were very disgusting, wiped down widow sills, and then thoroughly cleaned showers, sinks, and bathroom counter tops.  Ben always cleans the toilets for us, so they did not even need cleaned…

After all of the disgusting heavy-duty cleaning, I also did some organizational cleaning, which included switching out my big warm sweaters for tank tops and summer shirts, and then winterizing my boots ~


This is the closet in “my” bedroom.  I keep all my dress shirts in this closet; All of my cotton T-shirts, that I might workout in or lounge in, are kept folded in a chest of drawers in a different room.  The other half of this closet, which you cannot see in the picture, are my “in-between” shirts, which are kind of lounging shirts, but more dressy than that…


^ Like this one, that I wore to the movie

In the other spare bedroom closet across the upstairs, I keep all of my dresses and pants – both dress pants and jeans. 



And finally, we have one more very small closet in a third spare room, and this is where I put those big warm sweaters that I will not be wearing.  There are other items hanging in this same closet, such as old Halloween costumes, winter coats, and jean skirts that seem too short for me, but I just cannot part with quite yet.  This has become our catch-all closet.

My clothes are definitely spread all through the bedrooms and I buzz all around the upstairs while getting ready in the morning.

And how did I winterize my boots – ???



At some point, I learned the helpful hint of placing old wine bottles in your boots to keep them standing upright.  This way, they are not always slouched over and taking on that shape while not being worn.  I try to keep wine bottles in my boots all of the time, not only during the summer.

Guess what chore I saved for last ~ Vacuuming.  I feel like on a big cleaning spree, vacuuming should be done last because it makes everything look so much better and so much cleaner. 

I have a product that I love to use when I vacuum…


^ Glade Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator

Just sprinkle it on the carpet before you vacuum.  I buy this for about $1 at Target and I love it.  There are many different scents to choose from and they all make the house smell great.

This post about cleaning and organizing has become much longer than planned.  How can I talk so long about closets & organizing? 

I have a lot to share about the restaurant Ben & tried out last night, called Brewstone, but that will wait until my next post.


Next ~ Our trip to Brewstone Beer Company…

Today I am going to do more cleaning & organizing of our downstairs.  Yesterday I only tackled the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs.


^ My Spring Break Bestie

Enjoy your Sunday and Remember ~

Change the World

Come Alive

Heart 2 Love  ~Ann