Ben and I were excited to try Brewstone Beer Company last night, as we have both been hearing the commercials on the radio and thought it sounded like it could be a fun atmosphere with a large beer selection for Ben…


It was hard to choose clothing for last night because the weather was so strange. It was nice outside, but it was cooling off quickly.


As soon as we walked up, we could tell Brewstone would have a fun atmosphere and we were glad we decided to try it.

We put our name down and they said it would be approximately 50 minutes until they could seat us, so we decided to go to the bar for awhile. There was a big bar inside and a smaller bar outside. We chose to go outside because the weather was still very nice and it was less crowded.

Ben ordered our first round of drinks ~ He said the bartender seemed a little frazzled and he did not even measure my alcohol. As usual, I had a vodka and Diet Coke, but Ben said it was very strong – He could tell just by watching the bartender make it. The cost of a beer for Ben and my vodka & Diet was only $7 total, so we had a feeling that was not correct.


They have these neat orange outdoor patio sofas which are all around a table with a rock fire in the center…




When we first arrived at Brewstone, while we were putting our name in, we heard a manager-looking guy say to the hostess, “We need a new system. This is not working; We need to get those pagers.” Ben and I both thought it was so strange that they did not have pagers in the first place.

Anyway, it started cooling off so we headed inside where it was very crowded. As more than 50 minutes had passed, we were a little worried about getting seated. Ben went to check on the situation…


The hostess politely told us that it seemed as though people were hanging around for the game and not getting out of their seats as quickly as planned. Everything just seemed a little chaotic, which is expected since Brewstone just opened a few nights ago. We decided to leave instead of waiting…

Even though we left, I really liked the atmosphere at Brewstone and I know we will eventually go back to try the food.

Ben and I headed to our favorite ~ Scotty’s Brewhouse…


Ben ordered a beer and I ordered another vodka & Diet, and we got seated after only a few minutes. The hostess said it was because we came at a good time, in between the games.



^ I was excited to see this new lo-cal menu…


^ We started with Fried Pickles, as usual = Yum!

I ordered my usual – the BBQ Chicken Ranch salad, except instead of Ranch dressing I substituted FF Italian. I had the other half of the salad today for a very late lunch, after some Spring Break shopping (!!!)

By the time we left Scotty’s Brewhouse, it was getting cold & I think my strong drink from Brewstone was getting to me, so I bundled up in this scarf that happened to be in the back of my car & snapped a picture of myself…


I have had two very fun nights with Ben ~ I love spending this time with him and not having a million worries about school in my mind. I have really been enjoying these evenings with Benny, and I am so thankful for him.

We are getting ready to make some drinks and sit out on the deck for awhile and then we are going to grill out for dinner.

Enjoy your Sunday evening and Remember ~

Slow Down


Heart 2Love ~Ann