My first day of Spring Break is here (!!!) and half over already…

To share with you how I spent my first productive day of break, I will simply let the pictures speak for themselves…

My Desk: Before ~


My Desk: After ~


I stayed at school for hours today, almost as long a normal day of school for me.  During this time, I did tons of packing, cleaning, and organizing. 

Packing => Next year I am heading to a different school.  I am staying within the same school corporation, and I will remain a fifth grade teacher, but will switch to a different building.  This means there is a lot of packing that needs to be done.  I figured I could and should give up at least one day of Spring Break to get a head start on this.

I think it is such a great feeling to go through all of my cabinets and get rid of things I never use and do not plan on ever using again.  I began packing many of the items that I am finished with for this year.






I am glad the custodians were there today because they gave me this huge trash can to use while I cleaned…

I filled it up entirely ~



^ I also came up with boxes of goodies that I no longer want, but felt guilty throwing away.  I am going to see if other teachers are interested.

I am glad I spent the day at school organizing.  I feel very accomplished and now I am excited to hang out with Ben & Lilly tonight.

Tomorrow, I will tackle our house ~


^ Me tomorrow…

I hope to blog more often over break and I also hope to workout every single day of my break, except for today – though I feel like I definitely worked up a sweat while working at school.

Enjoy your Friday evening (!!!) and Remember ~

Be You

Be YOU => YOU are Beautiful

Heart 2Love, Ann