Lately I want to sit down and write an awesome post – inspirational and motivational about health and Life.  But by the time I get home from school and complete my workout with Ben, I seem to have nothing awesome or inspirational left in me…

Perhaps over Spring Break, which is coming up in two days (!!!!)

Today, Ben and I went with P90X Back and Biceps, and I did not start this workout in my pajamas or slippers.  I put on workout gear and pushed myself pretty hard.  My arms are feeling it already = Good News.

I always forget to log my workouts in the Team Beachbody SuperGym, but today I actually remembered to do this ~



This is really just a way to see other people who are doing the same workout you are doing – Perhaps for motivational purposes.  I love that there were 618 people logging workouts at the same time I did = Awesome!

I did not have my Shakeology at lunch today because I was feeling too cold at school.  Instead I ate a few handfuls of Goldfish Colors.


^ Lunch / Yes, they do…

I was planning to have my Shake during my Prep time, but I completely forgot.  Teachers – How could I forget something at school ???  Surely there is nothing else on my mind while I am there…

Check out this exciting purchase from Beachbody ~



I will start teaching Health very soon and I am excited to incorporate ten minutes of Shaun T Fit Kids Club into each morning (!!!) 



^ Source for “Exercise in the Elementary Classroom”

This is just one article among much of the research.  I am ready to get these bouts of exercise started with my students.  Next year, I hope to make it something I do the entire year, not just during our Health unit.

Lastly for today, that reasonably priced health item I saw a few months ago mentioned on Dr. Oz ~ It was mentioned on the episode that discussed items used to fight cellulite (!!!!)

I am sure that many are thinking:  Wow, This girl falls for every health product available… But it did only cost $5 ordered from, so I felt that it was worth one try. 

Plus, I have full faith and trust in Dr. Oz when it comes to health and health products – And why should we not, right?

Kelp Capsules –>


The Scoop…


^ Full Article – “Dr. Oz Cellulite Cream

Check out the full article for more interesting information and other various weapons recommended to fight annoying cellulite.

Thank You to Shaun T & Doctor Oz (!!!)

Have a Happy Hump Day tomorrow and Remember ~



Heart FoodLove, Ann