Let me show you how I started my workout this evening ~


Once again, I came home from school, put on a sweatshirt and slippers, and planted myself on the couch under a fuzzy, warm blanket.  Time passed quickly as I was working away on some grant writing for school.

By the time Ben got home from work this evening for a workout, I was too warm and cozy under my blanket, that the thought of changing into workout gear did not sound appealing ~ so I started my workout in my school pants, my sweatshirt, and my slippers. 

After just a few exercises, I was warm enough that putting on cooler workout gear sounded appealing.  During one of my least favorite exercises, the Pike Press Push-Up, I headed upstairs to change = Perfect timing.

Today Ben chose P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps ~

P90X chest shoulders triceps

I kept saying I was going to stop early, but before I knew it there were only five minutes left of the 50 minute workout.

After our workout, we made salads for dinner and then I continued with more grant writing and also some “Special Work” with KT.

Ben and I have a friend from home visiting tonight ~ so I am keeping this post very short and sweet.  Lots of exciting information to share soon, though, along with another Dr. Oz product that is very reasonably priced (!!!!)

Have a wonderful evening, and Remember ~

Devoted to Dream

Heart 2Love, Ann