What an awesome Body Pump class at the YMCA today.  And check out this instructor we had, My Sis KT ~




She really pushed us ~ Today was the first class I have done all 32 push-ups in the shoulder track without going to my knees!!


^ Sweaty Pic –> Post-Body Pump

Body Pump 6

Body Pump 2Body Pump 4

Body Pump 1

^ Les Mills PUMP is the at-home version of Body Pump.  If you are interested in purchasing this fitness program, let me know.

Speaking of sweaty pictures = They are the best. I had my old computer here in Southern Indiana and I decided to go back and look at all of the millions of pictures I have saved on it ~ all the way back to 2008.

Here are few old “Sweaty Pics” I found to go with the one above –>

The majority of these pics are during or after an Insanity workout.  I miss those, but right now they intimidate me.  Looking through these old pictures reminds me how hard I have worked and how hard I am capable of working.  Even though they are disgusting, they are still awesome. 

It has been awhile since I have had an intense workout like these, but looking at my pictures makes me ready to get back to it soon…

These are some of my most intense workouts and none of them took place at the gym, which makes me feel okay about canceling our membership.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day ~ It makes me excited about summer.


Ben and I took Sophie and Lilly for some outdoor play time, which was desperately needed.  They have so much energy when they are together, and they are not getting along very well this weekend.  They were excited to get outside and have some play time…

Enjoy your Sunday, and Remember ~

Fitness 7

Heart 2Love, Ann