Ben and I are currently traveling to Southern Indiana for the weekend.  I am very excited to see my family & visit my grandparents.  I am also pumped for a Saturday morning Body Pump that KT will be teaching (!!!)

I have not yet finished the book I told you about ~ “Fit From Within.”  I started the book (for a second time) when we were in Jamaica over Christmas break. I recently stumbled upon a lesson that could not apply to me more.  I feel as if the author is talking directly to me…

Fit from Within

This is an excerpt from the Lesson called “Lighten Up” ~

Lighten Up is a lovely metaphor:  When you can do it with your attitude, your body is apt to follow.  Of course some things are serious.  That doesn’t mean we have to take everything seriously, especially not ourselves.  If someone cuts in front of you in line, you are not obligated to make a moral issue out of it…  If you have a different opinion from someone else, it is probably not imperative that this person understand your point of view, and explaining it for the fifteenth time will not clarify your position any better than the first fourteen explanations did.

Impress upon yourself this eternal truth: Most things don’t amount to a hill of beans.  In the majority of endeavors, winning is overrated, and in most human interactions one-upping is far less pleasant than two conversing.  The arguments, jealousies, and misunderstandings that can make life so unpleasant are, for the most part, insignificant.  Let them go or just “let go and let God.”

You don’t have to appear brilliant, sophisticated, and on top of things every minute of your life… “I’m not going to worry about it now” is a legitimate response to a host of troubles.  Refusing to fret over what you can do nothing about is closely related to refusing to eat over what you can do nothing about.  Do your best to be less distraught when things don’t work out the way you’d hoped they would.  More often than not, this means that life has something better in store for you anyhow.

I can completely relate to this lesson and the person who has to “be on top of things every minute of your life” is definitely me.  If I am not on top of things, I am worrying myself to the point of chest pain. 

Ben thinks I need to see a doctor about this – which I am not opposed to, but at the same time, I kind of like this part of my personality.  It keeps me on my toes ~ And I think it keeps people around me on their toes, too…

There are times that my worrying can be annoying to others and to myself, such as on my way home from Bradford Woods ~ crying because I felt so overwhelmed about being productive for the rest of the work week, like I could not handle Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Or when something comes up at school, and I stress about it way more than necessary, which in turn causes people around me to become stressed and/or annoyed…

I think one thing that will help me, in the future, is starting a family of my own.  I think that once we have a child besides Lilly, I will realize how unimportant some of my other so-called-problems are.


^ Yes, this is my child

It is very hard for me to say “I am not going to worry about it now” when a trouble arises – or even something that is not so troublesome… 

This is one of the reasons I am so glad I am back to running.  I truly do not feel that it does a lot for my body, especially compared to strength training, but it has been doing amazing things for my mind.

As I was typing, we heard a tornado siren.  Next thing I know, Ben is pulling off the road to check it out – along with many other vehicles…




We stayed pulled over for longer than I cared to, but I am glad we are now driving away from that mass of strange, scary clouds.

Remember ~

Life 7

No Worry

Have a productive, but relaxing, worry-free weekend…

Beat UK

and Go Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers!!

Heart Love, Ann