I had such an awesome weekend with my sister and Ben, I really hate that it is winding down and coming to an end ~


^ Rick’s Boat Yard Café ~ Go Hoosiers!

A very fun weekend, but I am now feeling down for two reasons…

Reason #1 for sadness: I do not want KT to leave.  We had so much fun together and I wish she could stay here with me all the time.

Reason #2: Feeling very homesick already, as I prepare to leave on my overnight field trip with my students.  I feel like a child myself, for feeling so homesick already, but I cannot help it.  I am going to miss Ben and my Lilly…

I am packed except for what I have to add tomorrow morning.  I have prepared a lot of snacks because I do not always care for the food –>


Along with packing, KT and I had a very productive day together.  I decided to go for a run this afternoon, but as KT ran ten miles yesterday, she passed and joined me for abs after my run.

My run was amazing ~ And it is because I downloaded all of KT’s tunes onto my Pod today!  As KT says, “New Tunes make all the difference!”  I walked my first mile and followed it with about three miles of running.  Here is the song I loved, loved, loved while running today –>


We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun

By the time I returned home from my run, Megan was here and ready for a Brazil Butt Lift Tummy Tuck with KT and I –>


^ Meg, KT, and I ~ Workin’ it out!

KT and I decided that this abdominal workout beats the P90X Ab Ripper X workout – and that says a lot about this program!  Sore abs on the way!

After a great workout, we were ready to grill out with Benny.


We all shared a laugh when the board that the salmon was grilling on caught on fire.  Ben claims this is supposed to happen – ?

The perfect night for grilling out…





Ben had grilled salmon, while Megan, KT, and I had grilled chicken.  We had rice and grilled “wedgies” on the side – Yum!  And fruit for dessert!


^ All finished ~ and Stuffed!

Well, it is off to camp I go ~


Be back on Wednesday… Have a great week!

KT –> Miss you already ~

Sisters Quote

HeartLove, Ann