I love working out and I try to squeeze in some form of workout every single day, even if it is just a quick 15 minutes. However, sometimes things get in the way — such as Life…

It is Saturday morning and I have not worked out since Tuesday evening. I dislike this feeling and cannot wait for a workout this afternoon.

Life on Wednesday –> our school music program. I spent almost 14 hours at school on Wednesday – this is way too long to be in my tiny classroom. I got to school at 6:30a and left at 8:30p, after the program was over.

To keep my sanity, I did have a break for a pedicure and dinner with two great friends after school, before the program began.

Life on Thursday –> Raunchy Ron White with Ben. Ben loves comedian Ron White, though I think he is usually disgusting / crude / raunchy. I agreed to go with Ben, though, and had a great time.

We left right after school on Thursday to head downtown…


Before the show, we went to Old Pointe Tavern for drinks and dinner. I have never been here –> It was a small place with a fun atmosphere…



I actually really enjoyed the show and I like Ron more now than I did before we saw his show. I only rolled my eyes once, and that was when he was doing an old piece ~ I think he is less raunchy these days. I found myself smiling through the entire show. And it was a nice change to our schedule…

Life on Friday –> Tornado donations from my students, Bradford Woods organization and a special visit from KT for the weekend!

Tornado Donations ~


I stayed for awhile after school to be sure I was organized for our annual Bradford Woods trip coming up on Monday & Tuesday; then KT arrived in Indy to visit for the weekend!

When she arrived, we spent some time on the back porch with Ben and Lilly because the weather was amazing…



^ My Baby Lil

KT and I spent our evening watching the Purdue game with Ben and catching up with each other. We both fell asleep early on the couch during the game. We have a lot planned for the weekend, so I am glad we got our rest.

Life on Saturday –> Traveling. Ben and I are visiting a good friend that lives two hours away. Though it is hard to spend such a nice day in a vehicle, it will be totally worth it for us and our friend…


^ Love this and I am going to try…

KT and I have a lot planned when I get home this afternoon, including an intense arm and ab workout, and maybe Brazil Butt Lift –>

I am glad to be back to the point where missing three days of working out makes me feel like Jello. I feel very uncomfortable in my skin today and I think it is because I have been skipping workouts this week.

A few months ago, it was normal for me to miss three days in row, or four, or even go a week with no workout. But I knew I could build myself back up to the point of working out almost every day. I know that Rest Days are very important also, but three in a row is pushing my limit…

However, sometimes Life does get in the way of working out. All of the Life mentioned above, like spending time with Ben, hanging out with KT, traveling to visit good friends – these things are Life and they are most definitely worth skipping my daily workout.

We are close to our destination, as I am typing while we travel. Enjoy your weekend ~ Be productive, Have fun, and do not forget to Relax!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! and Go Hoosiers!

Meaning of Life

It is all in the view. That’s what I mean about forever, too. For any one of us our forever could end in an hour, or a hundred years from now. You never know for sure, so you’d better make every second count. ~S. Dessen

Heart Love, Ann