Here is a reminder of my feelings on Success ~

Quote Success

It is basically a big knotty mess and sometimes you feel like you are getting somewhere and other times you feel no progress has been made; Sometimes you feel like you should be making way more progress than you see or feel. Being successful in any aspect takes time & persistence…

Progress Pics ~ Wednesday, January 11 / Tuesday, March 13 = 62 Days

2012-03-14 0012

^ Ben taught me the best way to flex my arm muscles for a picture = Nerd

Here is how I really feel =>

2012-03-14 0011

I have been working hard for two months. I am happy when I look at these pictures and I do feel like I have made progress and I do feel like I look more fit overall – But I think I expected to be further along by this time. That is okay, I know fitness takes time…

I think that overall there is a difference between the first picture and the second picture, but when I compare my arms, there really does not seem to be much progress from the first picture to the second – which is strange and also annoying to me, because that is what I work the most often lately, doing P90X with Ben. I think I expected more definition changes…

Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Push-ups, Pull-ups => ??

Bodies are weird – Period.

Today we did P90X Back & Biceps ~ Tony Horton calls these “the Beach muscles” and we all know beach season is just around the corner!

P90X back and biceps

^ Beach Muscles

I am still excited to keep working hard. A true Beachbody Challenge is 90 days, and I am anxious to see where I am at that point, and on after that. I want to keep this up – I do too much of getting into shape, then out of shape, then back into shape, then back out of shape. For once, I just want to keep it up and make lifestyle changes, not temporary changes.

I asked Ben why he thinks I have so little change in my arms even though we are working them constantly – and his advice was to eat more protein. For a short while, I was making protein shakes after a workout. That lasted approximately three days…

I am really good at starting healthful habits, such as protein shakes after a workout, but then just trailing off and stopping. I have Shakeology every day, and have created a habit of that, but it is not a protein shake and should not be counted as such, especially when I eat so little protein outside of it.

Speaking of Shakeology, check out the progress of this amazing lady ~

Hillary Progress


Hillary is my personal Beachbody Coach – She has been an inspiration to me and many others in multiple ways. Look at the healthy improvements she has made for herself in the last three years ~ Amazing!

At the end of the day – Of course, there are far more important things than Progress Pictures and arm muscles, but I will continue to work toward my health & fitness goals because it is what I love…


^ Be persistent – Always

Be Grateful


Heart 2Love, Ann