What a beautiful day outside!  It completely boosts my mood.

Perfect for this –>


^ Weighted Jump Rope


^ Weight Jump Rope + iPod = (!!!!!)


I jumped rope outside for about 15 minutes ~ It was a lot of fun and it really got my heart rate going!!  I would have continued even longer, but our neighbor’s pup kept coming right up to me while I was jumping.  

I joined Ben inside for 45 minutes of P90X – Chest, Shoulders, Tri

P90X chest shoulders triceps



^ Advanced Push-Ups with Bosu ball and push-up bars

The above push-up is an exercise I did today when I did not like one of the exercises on the DVD.  There were two exercises I skipped out on and did these instead ~ When I first tried these push-ups a while back, I could do approximately one.  I am now up to five!

Check out Sunday dinner –>


Preparation is simple –

Spray foil with Olive Oil cooking spray, then place veggies on foil and spray the veggies also / Add Italian seasoning or other desired seasoning / Wrap veggies tightly in foil / Grill with Hubby’s steak for 35 minutes…



^ Grilled Veggies = Perfect

And finally, check out what came in the mail today ~


Ben thinks it is too early for me to start ordering anti-aging supplements, but I do not.  And when Dr. Oz introduced this one, he said it is never too early for anti-aging products!! 

I watched a snippet of an episode a few weeks ago – Dr. Oz explained that we all have Carnosine in our bodies naturally, but as we age, the amount of Carnosine in our bodies decreases by 60% ~


Here is a snippet from a Dr. Oz article regarding Carnosine.  Just click the picture for the full article…

Maybe I am crazy to try this out, but the research I did after watching the show, before ordering this product, all makes sense to me.  And I would think that if anyone knows what he is talking about, it is Dr. Oz and it is worth a try.  On the same show, I also heard mention of using a hemorrhoid cream under your eyes to help prevent wrinkles.  Interesting, huh?

* I am not a Doctor, just sharing my opinions & what works for me

Have a great evening, and Remember ~


Heart 2Love, Ann