There is one fried food I will eat and love – Fried pickles!  And last night I think we found our new favorite fried pickles…

We usually stay in on Friday night, if we are not traveling to Southern Indiana, because we are so worn out from the week.  Yesterday, Ben had to work a little late, so I took a nap when I got home.  Then we decided to head downtown to watch the Purdue game.


^ Perfect attire for watching a PU game, huh?

Our original plan was to go to Scotty’s Brewhouse – because that is the bar dedicated to Purdue.  Apparently this plan was shared by everyone in Indianapolis because when we arrived, the line was out the door. 

We turned around and headed back to where we started, near our parking garage – and we ended up at The RAM.  I was excited to get quite a bit of walking in before dinner. 

The RAM is dedicated to team Illinois for the Big 10 Tourney, but we saw a variety of team attire, including a few fellow Hoosier fans!

We took our time ordering / eating because Ben wanted to watch the game.  We started with drinks and Fried pickles ~


^ A vodka with Diet Coke


^ Fried pickles = Delicious

Yesterday was Friday, so I could not eat meat, which made my dinner selection somewhat difficult.  I ended up ordering a Thai Chicken Salad, but asked if she would bring the chicken in a to-go box. 

She was confused and said, “Is it for your dog or something?” I explained to her why I ordered like that & then we shared a laugh. 


^ Thai Chicken Salad minus Chicken

This salad was okay, but does not rank with the Fried pickles.  Maybe it would have been better with the chicken mixed in!

IMG_3128 IMG_3133

As I ate my salad, water kept sounding better and better.  By the time we were finished, I had hardly touched my vodka & Diet.

So I chugged it all down right away before we left!!!!

Just kidding!!!  I just did not drink it.  Ben kept calling me an “L-7 weenie” because I did not want the drink… (Seriously Ben??)

I know it is wasteful, but what is the point of drinking it if you truly do not want it?  -Especially if it is an alcoholic drink.  I wanted water and that is a much better option anyway…

I used to have this issue with food ~ I would never leave anything on my plate because I did not want to be wasteful.  Even if I was stuffed, I felt like I should always clean my plate.  Now my mindset has totally changed – If you are stuffed or do not want the food, it is probably better for your health if you just leave it on your plate & forget it. 

Do you have a problem with leaving food on your plate?  Do you eat it just so you are not wasteful?

We were both incredibly tired and yawning by the time we left The Ram.  It was a great night and  we are both glad we went out for awhile.

Now we are ready for a productive Saturday!


^ Have a healthy & productive Weekend!!

The best six doctors anywhere
And no one can deny it
Are sunshine, water, rest, and air
Exercise and diet.

~Wayne Fields

Speaking of healthy, I placed two orders yesterday thanks to Dr. Oz!  I will share them with you in an upcoming post.

Heart FoodLove, Ann