The time that I have not dedicated to school lately, I have dedicated to Beachbody or to my Special work that I love.

But I still wanted to take a quick minute to share a video with you ~ This is one of my favorite abdominal exercises.  I promised Kim, a BB customer, that I would send her some of my very favorite, very quick abdominal exercises.  This is the first one that I am sending her… 

I figured that since I am creating these to share with Kim, I might as well share them on here also ~ Feel free to completely ignore!

I look like a nerd in this video, but I am just excited to share this exercise with Kim – who is ready to workout & tighten her tummy!!

This is a move from Turbo Jam Ab Jam ~ one of my long time favorite abdominal videos, along with P90X and Tummy Tuck.

Abdominal Exercise


^ It is okay if you look “silly” too ~ Try it!

I keep ignoring my all of my ab workouts lately because Ben and I workout together now and he would rather focus on Arms; and then by the time we finish Arms, we are “wasted” as Tony Horton would say.  Ben had a late meeting tonight, so I did P90X Ab Ripper X ~ Love this workout!!

I know the exercises in this video and do not need all of the direction from Tony Horton, so I decided to listen to my iPod while I followed along on the screen.  I have not listened to my Pod in awhile, so it pumped me up extra tonight.  And the music definitely seemed to make the ab workout pass by more quickly than normal ~ Music = Love!!

If you are ever having trouble getting motivated to workout, put on some of your favorite energetic tunes and they will get you moving!

I am off to hang with Lillian and get more Special work done before Ben gets back home – Special work =>

Follow Your Dreams


Music is a friend of labor for it lightens the task by refreshing the nerves and spirit of the worker. ~William Green

music 3Love, Ann