I want to share two bits of Excitement – Both business related.

First, Beachbody business ~


Loving this BB Biz and now hard work => paying off!  I was very excited to be in the middle of this list of Top Producers.

Second, and most exciting – Single Thread Boutique ~



^ A best friend & college roomy ~ and now, owner of her own clothing boutique in our hometown of Huntingburg, Indiana –> Single Thread


When I walked in to Single Thread and saw Sara, I got tears in my eyes.  After a big hug, Sara called me a sap and showed me around the boutique.

Quote Life 8


Single Thread Boutique = cute clothes / reasonable prices –> Perfect!

I have dreams in my mind and plans that I make in my head, but when I actually think about leaving my current situation to make them happen, it scares me.  But Sara did it – And I am so happy for her!

Single Thread Facebook Page

Now, for Workout business ~

Check out my workout gear today –>


Most of you reading do not know this, but this is also the outfit I wore to work today, minus a big, warm vest…


^ I had to put the vest back on for a picture…

I did not sport this popped collar at work, it just happened in the picture.  I will tell you why my school clothes = workout gear today…

Ben started this workout ~

P90X back and biceps

^ P90X Back & Biceps

When he asked me if I wanted to join, I was on the couch, on my computer, working away on school tasks. I said I would pass tonight, even though part of me did want to join him…

He finished the warm-up and completed the first two exercises. Then I told him that I decided I did want to join him, but I just did not feel like changing clothes because I was too cold. I just sat there for a minute…

Then I thought, “Okay, if changing into workout gear is truly keeping me from this workout, then I just will not change.” Not that I wanted to sweat in my school clothes, but at least I would workout…

Which brings me to the above picture.  As always, I am so glad I got up off the couch and completed this workout with Benny.

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~Harriet Tubman

Heart 2Love, Ann