I will start by welcoming myself back into the world of Healthy Living Blogs, since I have been MIA for about a week now…

Today I was excited about this purchase ~



The only down side to P90X is that it is best to have a range of weights in order to get the full benefit from the workouts.  Over the years, I have accumulated quite a collection —


^ The 30’s on the end belong to Ben, of course


^ We currently store our weights on the tile in front of the fireplace

Ben & I cancelled our gym membership over a month ago because we were really loving P90X.  We let that justify purchasing these 20s, which will benefit both of us for the workout. 

I do love P90X, and I think it is an awesome workout, but I also miss the gym occasionally ~ especially the elliptical & thigh machines.

I was anxious to give these babies a try!!


^ Pre-workout / Pre-playtime for Lilly

Ben and I went with P90X Shoulders & Arms today ~

P90X shoulders

I think these new 20s really motivated me to push myself today, but I actually only used them on two different exercises.

Tony Horton always says –>  If you want size, do 8-10 reps & If you want lean and tone, do 12-15 reps.  I am definitely not looking for any size, so I know I need to be able to do the latter.  There were only a few exercises of our workout today in which I can do 12-15 reps while using these 20s.  But I know I will get there eventually ~ Slowly but surely!

Away from working out –> On to Life…

Actually, I think that is an entire new post in itself ~ Life is just crazy.  Words can explain my workout perfectly, but they cannot explain everything else I have been thinking & feeling lately. 

Have a wonderful evening & remember this ~

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