I love the book called “Fit From Within” and have already shared a few excerpts and lessons.  Today I want to share another because as I read it, I know I have been there and made so much progress regarding this lesson.


^ I read the majority of this book on the beach in Jamaica (!!)

This is from the lesson called “Give Up the Notion of Blowing It” ~

The simple sentence “I blew it” may be responsible for more weight gained than all the French fries at McDonald’s. The scenario is, “I ate a [cookie, potato chip, candy bar]. I blew it.” Remember: there is nothing to blow. You are not on a diet. You had a cookie.  Fine.  I hope it tasted good.  I hope you left some in the bag for somebody else. Either way, it’s done. Get your brains out of your palate and go do something interesting.

The blowing it concept is a setup. It’s a mind game overeaters play to give themselves permission to eat for fix.  If you blow it, you have to throw in the towel. Give up. Wallow in remorse.  Then you have to face the daunting process of starting over: a new diet, another exercise regimen…

[One way] to stop blowing it is to disallow the concept itself.  Let’s say your plan today is to walk and eat three moderate meals, but you overslept, didn’t walk, and had a lunch that would have been moderate for an NFL lineman but not for you.  Did you blow it?  No – unless you want to get back on the diet-and-binge-merry-go-round.  Instead, face the facts of what happened, eat a moderate dinner, and take a walk afterward…

When you cannot blow it – even by eating too much – the times when you do overeat will become fewer and fewer.  You’ll spend less time on remorse and more on fulfillment.

I think it is so difficult to forget that “all or nothing” way of thinking and I still have not completely left it behind, but I have come a long way.  I used to constantly think this way ~ If I ate one cookie, I might as well eat 10 of them, then I can “get back on track” tomorrow.  And then, lots of time was spent on remorse, as mentioned in the lesson.

It kind of goes along with “The Last Supper” theory – if you are planning to start a “diet,” it is easy to think, “Ok I can have one more big meal tonight and few cookies before I start my diet tomorrow.” 

No more blowing it, No more diets, No more all-or-nothing…

I think this lesson is especially helpful for people who are just beginning the journey to get healthy.  The “all or nothing” thinking will never work for me.  Everyone needs to have treats once in awhile, and you cannot let it throw off the entire day, or week.  A cookie cannot ruin all of the time & hard work you have already dedicated to improving your health.

I am sure there are people who think this post is silly, but I know there are people reading this that understand exactly what I am talking about, who have been through this lesson before or will benefit from hearing it.

There are plenty of important issues going on in the world, things way more important than diet & food – To some people, putting so much thought into what you eat or feeling remorse over a cookie, might seem crazy.  But I do care and I do worry and I know others do also.  I know there are others who are working to “give up the notion of blowing it.”

Dinner ~


^ Yum = Chicken tortilla soup / Pita chips / Toast / Veggies

No snacking between meals is already proving to be a difficult challenge for me, just as I expected it would.  My meals might seem to get larger, as I have definitely worked up a huge appetite by the time we sit down for dinner each evening.  Especially after a P90X workout like tonight…


Ben and I did P90X – Chest & Back tonight.  It was a great workout for both of us.  As Tony Horton would call it, “The Mother of All Workouts.” 

Tomorrow is Friday => Weekend & Family time!


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