Actually, there are two reasons for the title of this post –>

1 ~ 40 days of Lent starts today

2 ~ 40 Days – Progress Pictures

Other than those two quick topics, this will be a fairly generic post.  I am not much in the mood for sharing feelings and such.

I am back & forth about what I should sacrifice or “add” for Lent.  Last year I gave up Diet Mountain Dew for 40 Days.  I succeeded, but I remember it being very difficult – Nowadays, that might not even be a very great sacrifice, because I do not drink them often enough (Thank U Shakeology!!)

Lent Cartoon

^ Maybe I should do this one?

I decided that I am going to give up eating between meals on the weekdays.  This will be so tough for me because I am now used to having a small snack after school and before working out with Ben. 

I am actually worried about failing and not making it through the entire 40 Days – But that is not the right attitude to start off Lent. 

I almost decided against this, but then Ben said, “Well it is supposed to be a challenge, right? It’s a sacrifice.”  I can definitely do this.  And I have also “added” something positive ~ it is a religious addition and no need for me to go into detail on this post…

And of course dinner included no meat tonight – which is really no big deal, because it is hardly a part of my diet as it is –>




^ Eggbeaters whole wheat wrap, with Laughing Cow cheese, and salsa, & additional Eggbeaters and peas on the side = Yum

And now, 40 Days of Progress ~

Progress 40 Days

The picture below kind of expresses how I am feeling about all of this right now, after my first 40 Days –>

Quote Success

^ Yes, definitely…

I feel like I am perhaps in the middle of that big knotty success mess right now.  But as I always say – Slowly but surely. 

Quote Give UP

Heart 2Ann