I love having a Monday at home ~ Getting so much accomplished!

Lilly & I slept in until 7:45a this morning and I have been going full speed ever since, which means Lilly has too!

Look what has finally arrived ~



Love this all-natural energy drink, with zero caffeine.  I used to drink so many Diet Mountain Dews or Diet Cokes, but Shakeology has really helped me kick that habit ~ I do not even care about them or crave them anymore.  The only time I have a Diet Coke is if I have vodka with it, which is rarely…

Now I am happy to replace my diet sodas with Xocai – A much healthier option. Thank you for introducing me, KT!  A BodyPump friend named Sam split this case of Xe with me ~ I hope she loves them as much as I do!!!

I have crossed a lot off of my To-Do already today and it is just now noon.  I love that feeling, but I know this day will fly by.

Ben & I got married on July 23, 2011 – And we still have not opened the majority of our gifts.  Well, we unwrapped them, of course, but they are still in the boxes.  They are all being stored in an empty room upstairs.  Today, I finally decided to tackle one item –>




^ Dishes (!!!)

This task seemed overwhelming to me at first.  The other day, I actually carried two of the boxes downstairs, thought about it, and then carried them back upstairs.  I think this could be a summer project for me, going through all of these gifts – But Ben seems to be annoyed that they are all just sitting upstairs taking up space…

After the dishes were opened and loaded, it was time for a workout!!!  Ben is planning to do a P90X workout when he gets home, so I am definitely going to join him with that – Which means this morning could be a fun workout!

I went with Turbo Jam Kickin’ Core –>


And even though I look like the biggest nerd in this video, I will still share a snippet of the workout, so you can see how much fun it is –>

Turbo Jam — Kickin’ Core


Some might think it does not look too intense, but Kickboxing really is an awesome workout and burns many calories in a short 30 minutes!

These Turbo Jam workouts were my first fitness love.  They are truly what got me started down my fitness path.  If you are having trouble getting motivated to workout –> Try Turbo Jam!!  Such a fun, energetic workout!!

And who cares if I look like a nerd doing the wheel and brushing off my shoulders – It is a short, fun, & intense workout!! Try it!

I did Kickin’ Core for 25 minutes and then moved on to try out a new workout that came with Brazilian Butt Lift ~


^ Secret Weapon Workout

Wow ~ My thighs / butt were so sore after only 20 minutes.  I actually stopped a couple minutes early because I really could not take it…

I am excited to try this one again soon.  I love when the workouts are short, but intense – That is what everyone needs, right?

Lil & I are off to a busy afternoon!  Have a productive day!!

Quotes Fitness 1

Physical activity is an excellent stress-buster
and provides other health benefits as well.
It also can improve your mood and self image.

~Jon Wickham

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