What a fun belated Valentine’s celebration we had last night!

Ben made me a drink around 5:30, while I was getting ready ~


^ Haha ~ Vodka drink, in a wine glass, with a straw = Fav

IMG_2926 PomVodka

^ It was Pomegranate Vodka with Sprite Zero


Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

We headed downtown and our first stop was St. Elmo’s 1933 Lounge –>


Ben ordered shrimp cocktail & a martini ~


I ordered a vodka with Diet Coke. I do not like shrimp, but I ate the two packages of crackers that came on the side.


We stayed at 1933 Lounge for an hour or so and then headed to our 8:00p dinner reservations at Palomino ~



Ben started with wine, I had another vodka & Diet…

And then they brought our salads & bread ~



^ Delicious!

Ben ordered a prime rib –>


I ordered something called “Chicken Under a Brick” and still have no clue why it was called that, but it tasted amazing.


It is hard to see in my picture – The chicken came with broccolini, which is a hybrid of broccoli and asparagus, and red potatoes. Yum!

I think I ate about four pieces of the bread, it was so good! Therefore, we brought home over half of my chicken and three of my potatoes.


As I finished my drink, I made sure to drink water. I hardly ever drink anymore, so I was afraid that just my three drinks might make me feel badly today. I drank water with my drinks and when I got home I made sure to take a multi-vitamin…


^ My sister taught me this recently ~ After drinking, take a multi-vitamin to assure you feel great the next day. So far this morning, I do not even feel like I had any drinks last night! Thanks KT!! KT never drinks either, so I am not sure how she learned this, but it works.

A wonderful night with a wonderful Guy!!! ~


Love Ben

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!!

Now, so much to accomplish today (including a workout) before we meet my family in Bloomington for dinner ~ Cannot wait to see them!!!