I started my Friday this way ~

Body Pump 6

And I am glad I did. I knew if I waited too long, I probably would not end up working out, so I started early. I love this workout!!

Here is a tiny snippet of my workout this morning –>

I am actually almost done with the workout in this video, but I paused it to start recording. Also, notice Lilly working out with me…

I should also add that I modified the workout to use smaller hand-weights, rather than the weight bar – I go back and forth from 15s, 12s, and 8s for this particular Track. Ok, here we go –>

Shoulder Track

This is the Shoulder Track & it is the second to last track on the DVD. Therefore, I was dying by this time. If you watch, you can see that I switch to lower weights often in order to make it through. And that I take a rest when there really is not one. And that I cannot make it all the way up on my very last push-up. Love this workout!!

This is just one Track of an amazingly fun and energetic workout. I recommend trying the Les Mills Pump at-home version from Beachbody or finding a gym that offers this group fitness class ~ So much fun!!

I want to try to start sharing a few small clips of some of the workouts I always talk about on Turbo Teacher ~ just so you can see how much fun they really are. Maybe one of them will fit your workout style!!

After my workout I gulped down a protein drink –>



I only have protein after my workouts if I feel it was very intense & if I feel like I really worked my muscles. Ben has one after every workout.

KT helped me pick out this protein powder. I always trust her opinion because she knows all of the details about the N. Facts and what each nutrient will do for my body. This one is “Strawberry Milkshake” flavored – I do not like the taste of protein drinks, which is why I really do “gulp” it down.

I feel ten times better after a workout like BodyPump or P90X or Turbo Jam, even though I am sure there are plenty of people who are really getting sick of hearing about it –> all my FB statuses (?) about working out and fitness and Shakeology, and sick of the Turbo Teacher link being posted on their News Feed constantly ~ But I love it, and love talking about it, and sharing it with others. It is not to sell a product, or to boast about it, but it is just because fitness gets me pumped up & excited!

Some people post about music or biking or sports teams, because that is what they love, and what interests them. I love fitness, and I wish I had more time to dedicate to it ~ And I hope that someday very soon I will.

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