Lots of Progress Pics to share with you this evening.

I think the Kitchen wins for making the most progress, but I will also share my own P90X progress with you…

Project: Kitchen – Before & After



^ Love the new faucet, sink, counter tops, backsplash – Finally finished and I love all of it! Good work, Benny!!

Along with Project: Kitchen, I have made some progress in the last three weeks also – Slowly, but surely…


^ Wednesday, January 11 vs. Wednesday, February 1

^ Week 3 Progress Pics – P90X

Goal => toning / definition / Back to wedding body

I am happy with the progress I have made in three weeks, especially since I have veered just a bit from the P90X program, substituted other workouts of my own, such as BBL, and skipped days – when Life gets in the way, as it often does.  Slowly, but surely, I am seeing the changes I would like to see.  Progress pics do help motivate me to keep working hard. 

Ben also really motivates me – The last two nights I have not felt like working out at all, but Ben has talked me into it.  It was hard for me to put on workout gear and get started, but once I was finished, I thanked Ben multiple times for talking me into a workout. 

We have both cancelled our gym memberships because we are loving P90X.  We kept skipping out on the gym because we wanted to do P90X instead.  So far, we are happy about this decision.

Super Bowl Eats ~



^ Yum

IMG_2620 Food Pic 1

^ My Quesadilla Ingredients = grilled chicken, FF cheese slice, whole wheat wrap, salsa, and parmesan cheese –>


^ Pre-George Foreman


^ Post-George Foreman


^ Ann vs. Ben – Can you spot the differences?


^ All that was left of mine –> Yum

I am glad that Ben & I decided to enjoy the Super Bowl together, just the two of us, at our home.  A fun, comfy night, with delicious food = Perfect!

As you think about the progress you have made, or even the progress you feel you have not made, Remember –>

Fitness 43

^ It is way too easy to get discouraged ~ Keep working hard!

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