As you know, today is Super Bowl XLVI and it is right here in our city! I had not yet been downtown to check all of the Super Bowl festivities, so Ben & I headed down last night, even though the weather was misty and gross! 

It is so exciting to see everything that is going on and to hear of all the people visiting Indy for the Super Bowl.  It makes me really love living here!!


^ Ben was on the phone trying to meet up with friends, so I took cover under an awning while I waited.  I was decked out in my IU gear and Ben wore his PU gear – we were excited for the big game!!!  Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers!


^ Many hoods up and umbrellas out for the beginning of the evening.  The rain ended up clearing off and we had a great time downtown!!

I was excited to have a fun night out with Ben and I am excited to spend the day with him today.  We do not usually have a free weekend here together, we always seem to have something planned or lots of traveling to do.  We decided that we are going to stay in and watch Super Bowl together, just the two of us.  We are trying to decide what we will make to eat for the big game.

Yesterday = Excited to live in Indy and Proud to be an IU grad!

Check out the excitement my friend, Rachel, and I shared last night ~


We were both pumped about the game – Can you tell?!  Rach and I lived together throughout our years at IU, Btown.  And she even lived here in Indy with Ben and I for awhile ~ It was hard to separate after nearly 6 years.

It has been such a long time since I have written, but my last post left you with some of my favorite food staples.  This morning I am going to share some of my favorite sweet tooth foods!!  I always have a sweet tooth, and here are some of the foods I use to take care of it ~

My current favorite –>


Love Crunch Granola – Dark Chocolate & Red Berries

KT and I stumbled upon this granola at Costco one weekend and now we are hooked.  There is also an apple flavor which is equally delicious.

Next, Blueberries —


^ This is a huge container of blueberries, but almost empty here.  These really take care of my sweet tooth and they are great for your skin. 

Check out the Top 10 Health Benefits of Blueberries by clicking on the picture above – They really are a super food.

Next, Clif Kids Z Bars —


^ I really had not eaten a Z Bar in a very long time, until I picked some up for the Shake N Share.  Then I noticed they had a new flavor – Iced Oatmeal Cookie –> Yum!!!  A great sweet snack, but probably not something you would want to eat in the evening right before bedtime.

Finally, Pudding —


Each cup has only 60 calories and is sugar free.  You would think with those N. Facts it would taste horrible, but it is delicious!  Sometimes I put a little bit of granola in for some crunch.

These are a few of my very favorite desserts, along with Toast + PB + Sugar Free Jam, as I mentioned earlier.  I used to feel that I needed to have one of these after every dinner meal – However, I think Shakeology has really helped tone down my sweet tooth, and I no longer feel the need to have a sweet treat every single night.  Thank You, Shakeology!

I finally took my Progress Pics and am going to share them on my next post.  I also want to share Progress Pics of Project: Kitchen.  By the end of today, it should be complete – Ben has worked hard and it looks great!!  Finally, I am excited to share information about my upcoming BB Challenge, which will take us right into swimsuit season (!!!)

I had an awesome P90X workout yesterday, even though Ben basically had to force me to get started.  I was in a “down” mood and he insisted a P90X workout would help me feel better.  I increased my weight for almost all arm exercises – shoulders & biceps.  Now I am looking forward to some more quality time with Tony Horton again today. 

Fitness 41

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it. ~Jacques Prévert

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