What are my food staples?  Hm… That question made me think.


I already know that my food habits are totally different than your average bear person.  Many of the meals I eat are not “normal” meals, but I love them.  I do not have children or a family to cook for either, which might make a difference.  Here are a few of the foods I eat all of the time ~

Lettuce ~


I love lettuce.  You already know this!

La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Wraps  ~

Food Pic 1 

I use these whole wheat wraps often; I love that they are low in carbs.  Sometimes I just put veggies in, other times turkey and cheese, and sometimes I even put Eggbeaters and salsa inside these wraps…

Smuckers Sugar Free Jams / Preserves ~

Food Pic 2 

Toast + PB + SF Jam = Perfect Dessert!

Naturally More Peanut Butter ~

Food Pic 3 

This is the peanut butter my sister always purchases; Ben and I usually shop at Meijer and they do not carry it – but it is definitely my favorite!

Aunt Millie’s Light Whole Wheat Toast ~


40 cals per slice, low carb, and lots of fiber – It fills me up.  I have already had two of these today.  Lately I have been putting a slice of FF cheese on top, which sounds strange – but tastes great!

Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese ~


I love cheese, so this is perfect.  I often put this cheese on a piece of toast, with marinara sauce –> Pizza Bread = Yum!

Contadina Pizza Squeeze ~


I find this at Meijer by the pizza crusts.  I also use this as a dipping sauce for pita chips and for bread from my Subway sandwiches.

Also on my pizza bread, I sprinkle some of this…

Pizza & Pasta Magic Seasoning ~


I am not even sure how I ran across this, but KT and I love it to top off our pizza bread.  Try it – I bet you will love it!!

Salsa ~


Usually it is homemade salsa made by my mom – the best kind!!  I use the salsa as a dipping sauce, on quesadillas, on eggs, and more.

Eggbeaters ~


There is rarely a night when I am not in the mood for Eggbeaters.  There is also rarely a night when I am not in the mood for my next food…

Le Sueur Sweet Peas ~


I love peas – especially with spray butter and parmesan cheese.  Ben hates them and is even annoyed by the smell of them.  When I make them, he always asks in an irritated tone, “What is the nutritional value of peas, anyway?” 

Parmesan Cheese ~ 


I put a tiny bit of this stuff on almost everything!

One more variety of cheese…

Light String Cheese ~


I mostly just love these because they are really simple to bring to school with me.  This is often what I have with my Shakeology at lunch time.

Sabra Hummus ~


I always love hummus, with pita chips or carrots.  I just recently started loving the Basil Pesto variety.  When we were at Costco, KT picked up a sample of it and had me taste it – Yum!  We are both hooked!

And every once in awhile, I have a few of these…

Hormel Turkey Pepperoni ~


This probably is not really a “staple” food item, but I do pick them up every so often to snack on ~  17 turkey pepperoni = 70 calories.

And finally, my last staple all-time favorite…

Shakeology ~


My healthiest, most favorite meal of every day!

These are a few of the foods I eat all of them time, mixed up or added together.  I have a feeling a lot of people are reading this thinking, “Oh my gosh, I cannot believe she eats these things!” – But I love all of these foods.  As I have told you before, I am not a cook.  These are simple eats, right?

Of course there are nights when Ben and I do cook, but I still use a lot of the food from above – For example, when we make chicken quesadillas on the grill, I use the wraps, salsa, and parmesan cheese.

I have learned to love the foods above, as I have learned to love healthful eating.  I do not usually crave unhealthy foods anymore.  When I look back, I do feel like I have come a long way in the last few years, as far as healthy eating habits are concerned… 

When I first moved up here, three years ago, I would ask Ben if we could please stop by McDonald’s so that I could get a Frosty, and I would eat the entire thing myself.  Every weekend when Ben & I would travel home to Southern Indiana, we would have a large bowl of ice cream on Friday night and another one on Saturday night, sitting in the living room with my family.  Some weekends we would drive through DQ for a Blizzard.

I have not eaten an entire Frosty or Blizzard in a long time, or an entire bowl of ice cream – and I have no desire to.  Now I only eat these things on special occasions, such as a family birthday party, or Thanksgiving.  And the only drive thru I have been to in a very long time is Subway.

I do not crave these things, ever – And many times, if someone offers something of the sort, I decline.  It is not because I am trying really hard to eat healthy, or because I am trying to be on a diet or watch what I eat.  It is just because it does not sound appealing to me – Simple.

This is just me ~ I know this does not apply to everyone and I never judge what others eat because it does not matter to me.  Everyone likes different foods and most people do not like the same foods as me- I know this.

Two separate times recently, KT and I have been out to dinner with friends. When each one ordered, they said something along the lines of, “Gosh, I feel bad ordering this because you guys always eat so healthy!”

I would never want anyone to feel bad for ordering anything, healthy or unhealthy, in front of me!  I do not even usually pay any attention to what others order when we are out.  I felt bad for ever making these girls think like that – and I never want to give anyone the impression that I judge.  I know the likes, needs, and wants of my own body, but not of others. 

Everyone has different tastes and opinions & I totally get that!

I also snapped a lot of pics of my dessert “staples” for those with a sweet tooth, like me.  I feel like this post is already somewhat long and boring, so I am going to save all of the dessert pics for tomorrow.

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