It is amazing how tired I feel on a Tuesday night, compared to a Monday night.  Two days of school is more tiring than one might imagine, and I will only feel more fatigued as each day goes on…

I am sure that everyone can relate to this, right?

I was in no mood for a workout tonight ~ I actually was just going to finish helping Ben in the kitchen and then take a nap.  Then I talked myself out of a nap and said I would just go to sleep early tonight.  I took part of a 5 Hour Energy shot and tried to talk my mind out of being tired.


^ Ehhh…

I placed an order with KT for the Xe Energy that I tested out a few weekends ago.  I feel better about having one of those than I do about 5 Hour Energy.

While I cleaned, I decided that I could muster up enough energy for a small workout, as long as I had one item –>


^ My Pod = Love

When I am lacking motivation for a workout, if I put this on and listen to a few tunes, it helps pump me up.  It was only a quick 25 minute workout, but I was sweating by the end ~ I did basic exercises, such as push-ups, jumping jacks, lawn mowers, standing crunches, and lunges.

Speaking of workouts, check this out ~

Rockin Body

^ Rockin’ Body by Shaun T

Yeah ~ This is such a fun workout!!  I do not own this one, but I tried it with a good friend recently and we definitely worked up a sweat.  It is always a great workout when Shaun T is involved, right?

Rockin’ Body is available on my website right now for $19.95 – Want more information before you order?  Just message me!  Bonus ~ If you order from my Beachbody website within the next three days, you also receive a free sample of Shakeology! I love these Beachbody deals!

The program also currently comes with these 4 additional items ~

Plus 4 FREE gifts to keep just for trying Rockin’ Body!

  • Hard-Core Abs
    Give Shaun 10 minutes and you’re on your way to rock-hard abs
  • Booty Time
    Get ready for crazy moves to lift your buns, slim your hips, and tighten your abs
  • 3-Day SlimDown
    See visible results in just 3 days—GUARANTEED
  • Party Guide
    Learn what to eat and drink at any party without breaking the calorie bank

Let me know if you are ready to Rock your Body!!  Or just visit my Beachbody website below, hit Shop, and Rockin’ Body –>

Order Rockin’ Body now ~ and Party off the pounds with Shaun!!

And look what is almost finished –>



The last big part of the kitchen remodel is the backsplash –>


^ To cover the lime green paint above…

I know these Project: Kitchen pictures and talk might become annoying quickly, but I think my dad will appreciate me posting them!!

Hope you had a great Tuesday ~ Do not think too hard, or you might overwhelm yourself into a bad mood, like I did today. 

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