Monday is winding down (Yes!!) I never want to wish my life away, but I am always glad to say that Monday is winding down.

I have a major issue with becoming depressed on Sunday evenings – it is ridiculous and needs to stop.  I basically ruin / waste my Sunday evenings being sad and anxious about Mondays.  I always wake up extra early on Monday mornings to make sure I have extra time at school. 

Today I said good-bye to Ben & was on my way to school a few minutes before 6:00a.  This is about 25 minutes earlier than normal…


^ This clock in my car is set ten minutes fast…

Not to worry ~ I am stopped at the longest light ever in that picture, I am not snapping photos on my phone as I drive.

After school, I stopped at Subway to pick up dinner for us.  I have Ben’s Subway order saved in my phone.  We have planned for Subway dinners on Monday and Tuesday this week (!!!!!) Why?

Check out our kitchen status –>



Kitchen Status = no sink, no running water, few counter tops, pipes everywhere, dishes in bathroom, everything everywhere! Ah!

I cannot take this much longer, so it is a great thing that the counter tops are to be installed tomorrow afternoon!  I cannot wait – This has been a long process, but I know it will look nice when it is complete.

When I got home from school today, I had a few of these:


^ A new find from Costco

These Popchips were delicious; I dipped them in marinara sauce.  I graded papers while having a snack and waiting on Ben to get home for P90X.

After we finished our workout, I decided to try a pull-up and see if I have made any progress –>



^ You cannot tell by looking at the picture, but I am making it up a little farther than I could when I first created my goal of one single pull-up.

I also snapped a picture of Ben post P90X Chest & Shoulders ~


What a kick-A workout!  I am loving working out with Ben ~ He pushes me to push myself even harder.  Even though I get really mad at him for it during the workout, I am thankful now that it is over. 

For example during my P90X push-ups, he will look over at me and say “Deeper! Deeper!” and I just roll my eyes and give him the meanest look ever, but I do go deeper and push myself harder!

I took my first progress pics on Wednesday, January 11 and I plan to take more this Wednesday, February 1 – exactly three weeks later.  I know I can feel my body getting stronger and making progress, but I am not sure that the pictures will show as much progress as I hope for yet.  

I have not been following the P90X program 100% – I have been supplementing other various workouts, when I am not feeling P90X, and taking rest days (such as yesterday).  Whatever the pictures look like, I will still share them and be patient and keep working hard!

Monday is winding down ~ Enjoy the evening!

Fitness Weightlifting 2

^ I am doing this!