I absolutely love this picture ~


^ We need to remember this always!

Today was going to be a rest day, with no workout, but as I sit here on my computer and see Ben finishing his P90X Leg workout, it motivates me to want to do my own ~ This means I am going to need to use my time very wisely in the next few hours.

Last night Ben & I did P90X Shoulders & Arms.  I stopped early and did Turbo Jam Lower Body Jam in the kitchen.  My thighs were killing me, from Brazil Butt Lift the night before, so I also stopped that workout early! Eh.

School was followed by a very overwhelming meeting today.  I am not even sure how to process all the information given to me at the meeting.  Maybe working out would be a great way to process the info, huh?

After work, I made a quick stop to pick up a few healthy snacks for my very first Shake-N-Share on Friday (!!!!!)

The snacks include –>

Special K Southwest  ClifZBar

^ Yum + Healthful

Turbo Teacher readers know I am a huge fan of Clif Kid Z Bars.  It has actually been a very long time since I have had one, so I am excited!

Along with these – of course, Shakeology!

I am excited about my first Shake-N-Share with some of the teachers at school.  I am also excited that my sister will be here for it!  She is the very best source for any nutritional questions.


Egg Beaters with Ortega taco sauce ~


^ Awesome combination! (on our awesome counter top)

Ben and I had eggs on Monday night.  And then I decided to have them again on Tuesday night, even though Ben did not want to…


^ … Tuesday Night


^ … And Wednesday Night

Yes, really ~ My mom would be so annoyed because she hates eating the same thing two days in a row.  Obviously I have no problem with it!

I find myself constantly thinking, “Oh! I need to write about that topic on Turbo Teacher!” – when I hear some great nutritional information or motivational fitness tips I want to share.

And here I am sharing pictures of eggs!  I need to take the time to sit down and write a great post about one of the many topics in my mind.

Tonight, I have so much on my list, though, and have just added an unplanned workout to it – so tonight will not be the night I take the time to write a great post.  Lots to accomplish ~ I can do it!

Inspirational 1

^ We have many more moments this evening!